Who is the New Black Panther in Marvel's What If..? Episode 6

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September 15, 2021  04:12 PM

What If..? has taken us into a different perspective in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it opened the possibilities for more variations of the stories through the alternate realities. In Episode 6, it focused on a character full of vengeance, and in turn, he planned to be the new Black Panther when he made his return to Wakanda. Who is he?

Warning! This portion may contain spoilers for Marvel's What If..?. Read at your own risk!

Who is the New Black Panther in Marvel's What If..? Episode 6

Who is the New Black Panther in Marvel's What If..? Episode 6

It is none other than Erik Killmonger. He planned it all. In What If.. Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark, it did not focus on Tony, it is more on the former. The story went with Killmonger being in the right place at the right time when Obadiah Stane ordered to have Stark killed and Erik decided to save Stark so the machines that he wanted to be built would have a creator.

Stark did the sentinel-like Gundam-looking robots that Killmonger wanted and to have a source, they used the vibranium ring of Erik. They figured they needed more of it so they met with Ulysses Klaue for black market vibranium deals. However, such was the start of the death of the heroes. It was a bust, as T’Challa arrived and attacked those selling vibranium and he then died from the hands of his own cousin.

Since the death of the heir of the throne, T’Challa, Wakanda would have no king-to-be. This opened the door for Killmonger so he took the vibranium from Klaue, killed Stark who figured out his scheme, created and powered more sentinels to have a whole army of it. Afterward, he killed Klaue, brought him to Wakanda, and warned the people there that an army of sentinels are about to arrive.


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T’Chaka believed and the arrival of the said army happened. Killmonger had a remote for the sentinels. He betrayed the US and became a hero to Wakanda when they finally put down all the robots. In the end, T’Chaka gave him the blessing of having the heart-shaped herb and becoming the next Black Panther.

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