Who is Mason in Black Widow?

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July 12, 2021  01:49 PM

Warning! This article may contain spoilers for Black Widow. Read at your own risk!

Being an international spy or assassin, it seems to be a good business to keep tabs on who you could count on when the world has turned its back on you. As for Natasha Romanoff, in Black Widow, since she was a fugitive after the events of Civil War as she broke the accords, she chose Norway to be in seclusion and we finally got introduced to Mason. Who is he anyway?


Who is Mason in Black Widow?

Who is Mason in Black Widow?

Portrayed by O-T Fagbenle, Rick Mason procures things for Natasha and as he indicated in the film, he is an independent contractor who can give you just about anything for the right price and maybe even the right time, depending on the circumstances, of course, as some missions are time-constrained.

We first see him giving Natasha a trailer off-the-grid in Norway and he even brought some of her things from Budapest. By the looks of it, he has known Natasha for years already as they talk with some level of comfort of being more than just business or acquaintances. He was always seen asleep before giving Nat her request.

He also gave Nat and Yelena the plane they used to break Red Guardian from prison and though the plane looked ragged, Mason tells Natasha that he wasn’t given enough time to get a better one. By the end of the film, we get to see what he can procure for Nat and it is a quinjet, one which she used to help her co-Avengers escape from prison.Who is Mason in Black Widow? 1

Mason tells Nat that people with no friends contact him and that he is a private contractor of “things” which could span from almost everything as if a one-stop-shop. To think, where does he even get these things, right? Especially the quinjet, it looks the same as that used by S.H.I.E.L.D. or even the Avengers themselves.

For many, it has been speculated that Mason is the “tinkerer” or someone related to him. The “tinkerer” salvages technology and considering the things he could provide, it’s possible. However, the discrepancy in the name lies like the one in the comics is Phineas, an engineer who could create weapons and gadgets from ordinary stuff, and this one, well, he’s a Rick. Also, the “tinkerer” is usually portrayed as an old man and he’s quite “too young” for that.

While they may be different, it should be noted that they share the same last name and that in Marvel, there are almost little to no coincidences. Hopefully, his character could be explored more in the future of the MCU.

See Mason in Black Widow, now out in theaters and on Disney Plus Premier Access.

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