Who is Battlestar? Character Lemar Hoskins Explained in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

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March 30, 2021  03:49 PM

Battlestar was introduced in the second episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier as Lemar Hoskins, the right-hand man of the new Captain America, John Walker, and he seems to be the new version of Bucky in this narrative of the government as the best friend of this new Captain America.

Warning! This portion may contain spoilers for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Read at your own risk!

Who is Battlestar? Character Lemar Hoskins Explained in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has a fair share of new characters such as Joaquin Torres and Isaiah Bradley introduced to be part of the MCU in the post-blip where the canon series of Marvel on Disney+ sets up Sam and Bucky in the post-Captain America world and who continues the legacy brought by the shield as they face new and old villains in the MCU.

In the first sequence of Episode 2 of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, the new Captain America, John Walker, was wandering the locker room of his previous high school where he is preparing for an event and he seems to be anxious about his new job. Lemar Hoskins appeared and encouraged him that said, "This is the job, John. All of it is," to be the new Captain America and give the title a new face.

Throughout the episode, he was seen on the side of John Walker. In the sequence where Sam and Bucky were facing eight Flag Smashers, both Walker and Hoskins arrived with Hoskins doing a swing from the helicopter. Mid-fight, they introduced themselves with Walker saying he’s the new Captain America, and Hoskins introducing himself with the moniker of Battlestar.

His appearance in just one episode explains so much that he is the right-hand man of Walker’s Captain America and he follows him where he is. To better understand his character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, here are all the necessary information that is available about Lemar Hoskins aka Battlestar.


Who is Battlestar in Marvel Comics?

Who is Battlestar? Character Lemar Hoskins Explained in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier 1

Lemar Hoskins aka Battlestar first appeared in 1986 in the issue of Captain America #323. He appeared and acted as the darker version of Bucky just as Walker was to Captain America. Both of them served the US military and when they left their post, they underwent the power application experiments with the Power Broker. Hoskins used the upgrade to be a pro wrestler.

When Walker became the Super-Patriot, it was Hoskins who pulled off fake attacks against Walker to get more support from the public and be hailed as the new Captain America.

Under the Power Broker, Hoskins received serums which granted him what a super-soldier has such as superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and durability. Hoskins also had a stint with Taskmaster which made him a formidable fighter on hand-to-hand combat which could equal to that of Captain America. He carries a triangle shield made of adamantium (like the metal claws of Wolverine) with him.


Battlestar in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Who is Battlestar? Character Lemar Hoskins Explained in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier 2

Lemar Hoskins in the MCU is a newcomer alongside John Walker and it seems that he would do away with the comic version of the character faking villainous activities to help with the campaign of the new Captain America, instead, he stands beside him like how Falcon is or how Bucky was to Captain America. It is also possible that Walker signed on to be the new Captain America bringing Hoskins in the package.

Hoskins also seems to be the techie between him and Walker as he was the one who explained they tracked Redwing to locate where Sam and Bucky were. This shows that Hoskins will not let the privacy of other superheroes get in the way to get what they want.

With the mention of the Power Broker in the recent episode, it would be interesting to see how all the stars would point to one direction and how these characters would be explored throughout the series, on whether or not Hoskins and Walker would be gaining super soldier abilities like that in the comics from the Power Broker and how they would deal with the Flag Smashers.

More than that, circling back to the titular characters of Sam and Bucky, how would Hoskins be a part of the greater scheme that Marvel has set for them to be who they would be for the future of Marvel with Sam leaving the title of The Falcon to become the new Captain America and with Bucky possibly becoming the White Wolf after the mention of the moniker in the same episode.

Clé Bennett portrays Lemar Hoskins aka Battlestar and he returns in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier which is released weekly every Friday at 3 AM on Disney+.

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