What Resolution is Xbox Games Pass Cloud Streaming Explained: 1080p or 720p on xCloud

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April 08, 2021  01:14 PM

Xbox Games Pass recently released new games and updates. That’s a lot of games the whole family and all your friends can enjoy! Are you worried if the quality would be good? This brings us to the resolution available on these games you can access through xCloud, whether it would be on 720p or the high resolution of 1080p.

What Resolution is Xbox Games Pass Cloud Streaming Explained

Xbox Games Pass allows you to be able to access hundreds of high-quality games on your PC such as EA Play for no extra cost so long as you have availed of the pass for a low cost of $9.99 each month with the bonus of having all these games for $1 on your very first subscription. Instead of owning the game, you can now have access to these games as long as they’re on the list of the games under the pass. Are you excited?

There’s more, they just added a number of titles under the Xbox Games Pass which includes Grand Theft Auto V, Zombie Army 4: Dead War, Disneyland Adventures, Pathway, and more. Not only that, but there are also achievements which could be tracked with the pass. There’s a game for every member of the family, may it be your younger sibling or your elder brother or sister, Xbox Games Pass may have just the right game for you!


Is Xbox Games Pass Cloud Streaming on 720p?

What Resolution is Xbox Games Pass Cloud Streaming Explained 1

Xbox Games Pass Cloud Streaming, also known as xCloud, is in 720p which, for mobile phones, is a great resolution already. It is also the same on PC as well as on iPads. Having 720p makes games easier to be accessible through mobile phones, PC, and iPads as each of these devices is capable to handle such resolution without the worry of having to lag or any trouble.

The only downside here is that the 720p could be a little lower for your PC or iPad. This brings us to the next resolution on the list.


Is Xbox Games Pass Cloud Streaming on 1080p?

What Resolution is Xbox Games Pass Cloud Streaming Explained 2

It’s in the works, definitely. In a report made by Windows Central and The Verge, it is said that Microsoft is now doing some tests on the 1080p streams. Though there is still not much information as to the extent of which games would be upgraded, this is already a great start for a boost on the games especially to those who play on bigger screens.

There is still no confirmation when this would be applied to all games but it’s a jumping point for improvement on the quality of the games. Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming 1080p could be a great factor for those with access to the pass as competitors usually offer 720p.

To say the least, Xbox Games Pass Cloud Streaming is just getting started with 1080p. And as early as now, a lot are waiting for this. The main purpose of cloud gaming is to allow the players to play remotely and having to choose a resolution could sometimes be a worry. Let’s give them time, Microsoft, for sure, is doing their very best to provide us with the best of the games.

What resolution do you prefer? Comment and let us know your thoughts about this!

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