The Ending of Marvel's What If..? Episode 5 Explained

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September 08, 2021  12:04 PM

It’s the perfect time to be a geek. Just imagine how amazing it is to have two great things combined into one, Marvel and a zombie apocalypse with all the heroes becoming flesh-eating monsters? That’s definitely one of the coolest that ever graced the screens. In What If..? Episode 5, all is here with a cliffhanger to look forward to as the ending is one that is open to possibilities.

Warning! This portion may contain spoilers for Marvel's What If..?. Read at your own risk!

The Ending of Marvel's What If..? Episode 5 Explained

The Ending of Marvel's What If..? Episode 5 Explained

In Marvel’s What If..? Episode 5, What If... Zombies!?, we’re taken into a whole new level of geekiness as our favorite heroes get into a world where there is a zombie apocalypse. It is set in the same time as that of Avengers: Infinity War when Hulk was sent to Earth to warn the people for the coming of Thanos but a different scenario as the world is a ghost town full of flesh-eating monsters.

As the episode progressed, we learned that the reason why a zombie apocalypse happened is that Hank Pym went into the quantum realm to get his wife but they came back with a virus that affects the brain causing the cells to reanimate and become zombies. The first one to get victimized was Scott Lang who was also in the laboratory. Hope escaped, thanks to her suit.

A cure awaits. The mind stone can emit a sub-frequency keeping the zombies at bay as encephalopathy affects the brain, and Vision reversed the process by targeted exposure, still, they would need a larger satellite. However, when Vision found out about it, he realized he couldn’t do it on Wanda because she is so strong, he couldn’t even come near her so he just lures survivors in to feed her. T’Challa got his leg cut off because of this.


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Vision realized his mistake and being a logical android, he gave them what they need. He took the mind stone off of his forehead and the rest had to go to Wakanda to bring the mind stone to a bigger satellite. In the end, only Peter, T’Challa, and the head of Scott carried by the cape of Doctor Strange made it out alive. However, a bigger challenge awaits them as zombie Thanos is waiting for them in Wakanda.The Ending of Marvel's What If..? Episode 5 Explained 1

The end of the episode is a cliffhanger and it seems that the three would be bringing the mind stone to the hands of zombie Thanos who could eradicate the entire universe being a mindless flesh-eating monster holding five infinity stones. It wasn’t shown whether they were successful, hopefully, they would be, but they would have to go through Thanos first.

Let’s hope there would be another episode for this because that would definitely be something seeing zombie Thanos wield the infinity stones whilst being a flesh-eating monster. Well, it’s easier to lure him with flesh, than take the gauntlet, right? However, only Peter remains whole. Scott is, well, just a head flown off by the cape, and T’Challa lost a leg. Their success is slim but there’s always a possibility.

Marvel’s What If..? Episode 5 is now streaming on Disney+.

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