Shang-Chi Drops New Trailer Teasing How Powerful the Ten Rings Are

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July 28, 2021  04:17 PM

The next film release of the Marvel Cinematic Universe drops a new trailer for Shang-Chi and it features new scenes on the action-packed movie of the next hero to be introduced, more than that, it is also teasing how powerful the Ten Rings are as it is on the hands of The Mandarin, a much-awaited villain, who turns out to be the father of the titular character as well.

The teaser, titled “Need,” starts with Shang-Chi preparing for a fight with the narration of how he only wanted to have a normal life. It was followed by the scenes of his father, Wenwu, who turns out to be the real Mandarin, as he fights a battalion on his own showing how powerful the Ten Rings are. It seems that Shang-Chi is the candidate of his father to be his successor.

We also get a glimpse of the other villains such as Razor Fist who shows off his blade in an intense battle on a moving bus. Shang-Chi claims that he is nothing like his father at all and he shared to Awkwafina’s character, Katy, how he wanted to change his name and have a new start in life followed by his father telling him, “you can’t outrun your destiny,” with another example of how the ten rings are used. We also see the dragon previously shown in the first trailer. It ends with the father-and-son showdown with Shang-chi having his own version of the superhero landing.

Based on the comics, each ring possesses a different power: on the left hand, his little finger holds zero, a ring emitting ice blasts, his ring finger houses the liar, a mento-intensifier emitting psionic energy, his middle finger wears lightning, elector-blast shooting electricity, his index finger has in place the incandescence, a flame blast with infrared heat or radiation, and his thumb carries daimonic, the white light-emitting various energies which could be found in the electromagnetic spectrum.Shang-Chi Drops New Trailer Teasing How Powerful the Ten Rings Are

As for the right-hand rings, its powers are as follows: his thumb holds the remaker, a matter rearranger, his index finger houses influence, an impact beam causing fast neurons to project, his middle finger wears spir, a vortex beam which can shoot at a high speed, his ring finger has in place spectral, a beam which can disintegrate anything it is pointed at, and his little finger carries the nightbringer, the black light creating darkness tantamount to a darkforce or could absorb light.

It looks different in the movie adaptation, though, as it is worn as bracelets rather than rings on fingers. Let’s see how powerful it is in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings in theaters on September 3, 2021.

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