Re: Zero Episode 45 Release Date and Time for Season 2 Episode 20, Countdown, and Where to Watch English Sub

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February 11, 2021  12:30 PM

Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World is a chart-topping Isekai anime produced by White Fox based on a light novel of the same name by Tappei Nagatsuki and Shin'ichirō Ōtsuka following the story of Subaru Natsuki who gets transported into a different world after making a stop at a convenience store.

Subaru Natsuki was on his way home when he got magically transported somewhere else. Still confused as to what happened, Subaru only carries with him his bag of groceries from the convenience store and a now useless phone when he gets attacked by a group of thugs.Re: Zero Ep 45

A beautiful and mysterious woman, Satella, who was just looking for the thieves who took her insignia came across Subaru while he was being beaten down and she extended her help to him. In return, as a way of thanks, Subaru offers her help in looking for the stolen insignia. Upon finding the insignia, both of them get murdered.

Subaru wakes up again and does all the things all over again: the same beating by the same group of thugs, the same Satella looking for her insignia and aiding him, the same search for the insignia, and same death. Confused and dazed with the loop of events, Subaru gets introduced to the mind-shattering world he got transported to.

The concept of the show has taken the attention of many viewers and fans in quest of finding the truth as to why the events seem to happen over and over again as they re-live the day Subaru was transported into a different world. The series has proven that curiosity is a great ingredient to captivate viewers into the story.

Released on Crunchyroll every week, the story of Re: Zero continues to pace as it continuously gets the interest of many.


Warning! This portion may contain spoilers for Re: Zero. Read at your own risk!


Re: Zero Episode 44 Recap

Re: Zero Episode 45

Emilia reached the door where she would need to break the spell. However, Pandora is at the door waiting for her and expressed that she is glad Emilia found the door for her. Emilia was caught off guard to see Pandora there as to her knowledge, Pandora was in a battle with Fortuna.

Pandora apologized to Emilia as she doesn’t know where the key to the door is and revealed that they are after the seal. Emilia asked the reason why she was brought there and Pandora told her that she wants to know about Bishop Romanee-Conti and her mother and Pandora assured her that both are safe.

Emilia wanted to ensure that Pandora is telling the truth and Pandora said she means no harm to anyone which is why they are looking for the seal. Emilia asked Pandora if she would be able to leave the forest when the seal is found and Pandora agreed wishing no one would be harmed in the process and making no unnecessary sacrifices.


Re: Zero Episode 45 Where To Watch with English Subtitles

Re: Zero Ep 45

Crunchyroll includes in its roster of animated series Re: Zero and it hosts streaming services to various regions across the globe. The next episode of Re: Zero will be streaming online via Crunchyroll which offers premium users an advanced viewing of the shows in its library.

For the price of $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year, the premium access on Crunchyroll streams anime a week earlier than to those who are not subscribed as premium. It airs the episodes of Re: Zero every week.


Re: Zero Episode 45 Release Date and Time

Re: Zero Episode 45

Re: Zero’s Season 2 Episode 20 will be available for premium users of Crunchyroll on February 17, 2021, at 8:30 AM EST. At the same date and time, Re: Zero Episode 44 will be streaming on Crunchyroll for free and for everyone who has yet to have a premium account.

Re: Zero Episode 45 will be available for free and for all on February 24, 2021.

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