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June 09, 2021  11:39 AM

Loki just arrived and the God of Mischief is now facing something bigger than himself as he gets apprehended by the Time Variance Authority. The canon series surely has more to offer with Episode 2 coming up so have your countdown set with the release date and time, and you might want to check some theories, leaks, or spoilers because definitely, we all have questions needing answers.

Loki Episode 2 RELEASE DATE and TIME

Teased to be more intriguing than WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, to say that Loki is a breath of fresh air is an understatement – it takes a massively different turn in the MCU with a new player in the game, one existing beyond the knowledge of everyone. As the plot thickens, the series surely piqued the interest of many.

Warning! This portion may contain spoilers for Loki. Read at your own risk!

What happened in Loki Episode 1?

Loki Episode 2 RELEASE DATE and TIME 1

In Loki Episode 1, Glorious Purpose, Loki sets foot on his new journey, and along the way, he found another purpose to exist – one beyond what he wanted to be, beyond being a god, and one which slaps him in humility in acknowledgment of his true self and what his actions may have caused over the years. Here, we see Loki coming into a full circle realizing what lies ahead of him.

The episode starts with where Loki was last seen, in Endgame, where he escaped with the tesseract. He teleports somewhere in Mongolia where the villagers are confused as to who he is. The Time Variance Authority arrives from what seems to be a portal and they stand beside the tesseract. Loki, defiant, questioned who they are before knowing and he was then apprehended.

Upon arrival at the TVA, he was sent into processing and called as a “variant” or what seems to be their term for culprits of time. Still defiant, Loki goes through the process and questions every move. The tesseract was given to evidence, while there was a Skrull accused of violating the timestream as well.

On the other hand, Agent Mobius jumps into the 1500s to investigate a fugitive who hunts Minutemen and it was a precise one as it seems that the attacks are uniform from the previous ones. They encounter a kid who witnessed what happened and when asked who was responsible, the kid point to the stained glass where a devil is seated. He also found that the devil bears gifts to the child giving it blue gum.

We get to see Miss Minutes who introduces the history of how the TVA came into existence in a cartoonish sequence. Apparently, there was a multiversal war that led to the destruction of everything and the Time-Keepers made an oath to the creation of the Sacred Timeline and to protect it at all costs. Loki sees the Skrull “pruned” or incarcerated from existence. He was then brought to a judge who asks him how he pleads. To his surprise, it was revealed that the Avengers were supposed to travel back in time.

Loki Episode 2 RELEASE DATE and TIME 2

Upon having the guilty verdict, he was about to be sentenced to a reset before Agent Mobius presents himself and have Loki talk. On their way, Loki sees how massive the TVA is. In his conversation with Loki, he found out that Frigga dies because of him. Mobius also shared his favorite escape of Loki as DB Cooper. Their talk was interrupted by a hunter and Loki grabs the chance to escape.

On the loose, he finds the person holding the tesseract in evidence only to see infinity stones being made as paperweight realizing that the stones are useless in the TVA, indeed, a powerful entity in the universe. Chased by the hunters, Loki found himself in the room and he had a viewing of snippets of his life, how Odin told them he loves his sons, how Thor appreciated him, and he watched his own death in the hands of Thanos.

It was when he finally realized that what is happening wasn’t supposed to happen at all. In humility, he finally admits to himself being weak and that death and misery were just part of the illusion. Mobius arrives with a trade: they need the help of the God of Mischief to apprehend a criminal on the loose, a fugitive who hunts the minutemen, and it turns out it was Loki all along.


Loki Episode 2 Theories, Spoilers, and Leaks

Loki Episode 2 RELEASE DATE and TIME 3

For Episode 2 of Loki, all that has been revealed is that it will be having a total runtime of about 54 minutes. With the precedent set by the first episode, surely, there is a lot of questions and theories that fans are now brewing.

One of which will definitely be centered on the scene where the kid from the 1500’s point to Mobius about who the perpetrator is and it was a devil on the stained glass, one which looks like Mephisto, an immortal demonic entity that manipulates magic, alter memories, project illusions, and technically mess with time and reality itself. He could also shape-shift, much like Loki.

It was long rumored that Mephisto may be the new big bag of Phase 4 of the MCU and while he was expected to appear on WandaVision, he didn’t. Maybe Loki would be his very own window. This leads us to the surprising reveal of Mobius that they are wanting the help of Loki because it was Loki they are after.

It is possible that Mephisto, as a shapeshifter, could take in the form of any other person, that doesn’t exclude Loki, of course. Do you think he may be the real villain in this series? Is he really coming just as the child pointed? Also, why is he targeting the minutemen? Is Loki the hooded guy at the end of the episode?

Loki Episode 2 RELEASE DATE and TIME 4

Other questions also circle the Time Variance Authority itself. Who are these Time-Keepers, how did they come about to bring the Sacred Timeline into existence and protect it, where did they come from, and whoever put them in charge of the time? As discussed by Miss Minutes, there was a multiversal war before so what happened there?

As for Miss Minutes, she definitely had her spot on the show. She introduced the history and background of the TVA and she even has her very own Twitter page. Although the said page is not yet verified, it seems that such is connected to Marvel and there, she posts cryptic messages in Nordic runes where she said she would burn everything to the ground once she escapes the TVA.


Where to Watch Loki Episode 2?

Loki Episode 2 RELEASE DATE and TIME 5

Disney+ exclusively streams Loki along with all the other Marvel series released or upcoming as announced for Phase Four of the MCU. The series is Rated TV-14. Disney+ also has the series available in 4k for better viewing.


When is the Release Date and Time of Loki Episode 2?

Loki Episode 2 RELEASE DATE and TIME 6

Loki Episode 2 will be made available next week, June 16, 2021, at 3 AM exclusively on Disney+.


Loki Episode 2 Countdown

As Loki introduces new players in a new game through time, what do you think happens next? Is Loki really going up against himself or is that some other person? Find out next week in another thrilling episode of Loki!

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