Koikimo: Who does Ichika Marry and End Up With Explained

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June 11, 2021  06:16 PM

Koikimo really have in it the romance comedy for an anime series and it has its viewers hooked to the story real quick, based on the josei manga series of the same name by Mogusu, also known as It’s Disgusting to Call This Love, we follow the story of Ryō Amakusa and Ichika Arima in their unorthodox love story. Their story brings in the question of who does Ichika marry and end up with.

Koikimo: Who does Ichika Marry and End Up With

Ryō Amakusa, a highly eligible bachelor, and a womanizer, always has his ways of having women wrapped around his little finger and can make them swoon over him, except, maybe, for Ichika Arima. Ichika is a close friend of Ryō’s younger sister, Rio Amakusa, and upon meeting Ichika, Ryō immediately asks her for a date and a kiss which really turned off Ichika.

Despite Ichika being turned off by what he did, Ryō is madly into her and his thoughts are always with her. Ryō believes that Ichika is the one. Throughout the series, we see Ryō pursue Ichika in all the ways possible and despite their age gap, he continued to go after her. Ichika, being young and naïve, was quite skeptical at first, and with her whole life ahead of her, she has to think twice about Ryō.


Who does Ichika Marry and End Up Within Koikimo?

Koikimo: Who does Ichika Marry and End Up With 1

The manga series has already ended with eight volumes as confirmed by Mogusu, the creator. This makes a second season highly unlikely considering the lack of source material.  

Apparently, Ryō is not the only guy in the life of Ichika. There is Tamaru as well and considering that Tamaru is the same age as she is, he has a high chance in ending up with her. However, Ryō has more resources to win Ichika over and with the course of the events in the anime series, it seems that Ryō is a lot of steps ahead of Tamaru.

In the penultimate episode of Koikimo, Ichika is finally recognizing the brewing feelings she has over Ryō and that is surely telling that she could end up with him. As Ryō was definitely all in and he considers Ichika as “the one,” his efforts are not wasted because he was able to win the heart of Ichika. Despite Ryō being pursued by Arie and even when Arie tried to convince him that their age gap might matter, Ryō still goes to pursue Ichika.

In the season finale, we might finally see who Ichika ends up with and marry so stick around on Crunchyroll where you can find the 12 episodes of Koikimo online. Koikimo finale arrives Monday at 10:00 PM JST/ 6:00 AM PT/ 8:00 AM CT/ 9:00 AM EST/ 2:00 PM BST.

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