Kevin Feige Explains The Timeline When Black Widow is Set

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July 21, 2021  06:00 PM

The big boss of Marvel finally reveals why he chose the timeline when Black Widow is set is between the Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War as he honored the release of the first film of Marvel in almost two years of hiatus by participating in a watch party on Twitter answering various fan questions including this one.

On Twitter, Marvel’s big boss Kevin Feige answered a fan as to why Black Widow is set between the events of Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, he said, “because we wanted to explore what Natasha did between leaving Tony Stark in Civil War and her arrival with Steve and Sam in Infinity War.”

Other queries he answered were where the opening part of the film was shot which was at an old World War II American military base located just outside of London and how the VFX helped with the color grading of the movie to perfectly set the tone. He also shared that they really went to Norway to shoot the scenes located there. In the end, they travelled through three different continents for the whole movie.

He also teased what happened to Yelena and if she was dusted when Thanos snapped and she just said that the viewers will find out soon. It is possible that with Yelena appearing in the upcoming series of Hawkeye, we’ll find out if she was one of the millions in the galaxy who were blipped.

The whole question-and-answer portion has a lot of insights on the film and you can follow the thread on this link.

Black Widow is currently in theaters and on Disney Plus Premier Access.

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