Is Loki a Frost Giant Explained

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April 27, 2021  05:34 PM

The God of Mischief is finally having a series of his own with Loki coming to Disney+ next month along with the long list of the expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe through the small screen on the streaming platform of Disney. Loki, being a villain we all once hated and learned to love throughout the MCU, dates back from Thor in 2011 where his origins were explained, so, is he a Frost Giant?

Is Loki a Frost Giant Explained

You might be having the same question in thinking that if Loki is indeed a Frost Giant, why is he a regular-sized person? Also, where did he get his powers and how come he ended up being a brother to Thor and grew up in Asgard annoying Thor when they were eight years old, he turned himself into a snake only to get back to his usual self while on the hands of his brother?

In Thor (2011), the opening scene explained how the Frost Giants wreaked havoc with the Casket of Ancient Winters turning civilizations into ice and claiming lives of various realms. In the efforts of Asgard led by Odin himself, the battle on Jotunheim ensued, and where they were imprisoned in their own realm providing peace throughout all the realms with Odin taking the Casket of Ancient Winters to his own vault in Asgard.

As Loki himself found out in the same film, when he touched the Casket of Ancient Winters and as explained by Odin himself, Loki is indeed a Frost Giant who was taken into custody by Odin when the war between Asgard and the Frost Giants of Jotunheim was over where Loki was abandoned and left to die. He was the son of the king of the Frost Giants, Laufey.

It was later revealed that Loki was abandoned because he has a disability, he was a dwarf giant when most of his race are giants. Such is the very reason why Loki is the same size as a human person.Is Loki a Frost Giant Explained 1

He was treated by Odin as his own son as an innocent child and Odin had thought that taking in Loki could unite both kingdoms of Asgard and Jotunheim through him. Loki was upset upon learning about what Odin did and even referred to himself as a stolen relic, on the defense of Odin, he treated Loki as if he was his own son, even raised him with his wife, Frigga.

Loki, as a Frost Giant, has an innate strength and stamina equal to one, as well as the speed, agility, durability, and immunity as one. He also has a resistance to magic and he doesn’t age at the same rate as a human. He is a master of his own magic, with the ability to astral project himself, shapeshift, and his intellect is astounding, even faking his own death.

Despite his demise in Avengers: Endgame, Loki will be seeing the sun once more in his upcoming titular series where he created an alternate timeline when he escaped with the tesseract in the same film during the time heist of the Avengers. Loki will now be facing the Time Variance Authority as he messed with time through his actions. This Loki is the one from the first Avenger film so expect more mischief from him.

Loki will premiere on June 11, 2021 via Disney+.

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