Horimiya Episode 8 Release Date, Release Time, Countdown, and Where to Watch English Sub Online of the Anime

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February 22, 2021  12:30 PM

The CloverWorks-produced high school romance of Horimiya has been a captivating anime series taking the Shōnen manga series of Hiroki Adachi to life and it continues to give the viewers both nostalgia and young love in one show.

Horimiya Ep 8

Horimiya has been showing promise given the light feel of the series and to add, the element of music also plays so well in the series with the opening song of Color Perfume of Yoh Kamimura to set the tone of every episode.

Horimiya follows the crossing of paths of two opposites, Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura, where one is a friendly girl in school with an impressive academic prowess, and one is a loner who prefers his own company and is academically struggling because of it. When the two meet, their paths intertwined giving way to a relationship without borders.

In a relationship where acceptance plays a lot in between the two, both Hori and Miyamura experience love beyond what is superficial, a love that understands the secrets beneath the surface and the skeletons in the closets.

Horimiya has 13 episodes for this season and while there is not confirmed yet as regards the second season, the series will likely score a second run as its popularity and ratings are staggering high on the pedestal. The English dubbed version for the season has already been dropped with the voice cast of the characters.

Warning! This portion may contain spoilers for Horimiya. Read at your own risk!

Horimiya Episode 7 Recap

Horimiya Ep 8

In You’re Here, I’m Here, the seventh episode of Horimiya proves that absence makes the heart grow fonder as Miyamura takes on a family vacation with his family in nearly five days with no means of communication to Hori as his phone is dead on battery.

Because of this, Hori realized that Miyamura has been part of her everyday routine and it makes her miss him more to realize that he has been away for quite some time. His absence puts a gaping hole in her heart and she feels that every day away with Miyamura felt like a lifetime.

When Miyamura returns, Hori runs to him quickly and in tears hugging him the tightest she can. This was followed by a heart-to-heart conversation where they realize they are falling into each other deeper in love.

When the rain poured down hard, Hori said that Miyamura cannot go home given the weather situation outside and decides to stay the night with Hori and things went a little more serious as, yes, it did happen, and the two slept together.

Miyamura realizes that Hori left a bite mark on the back of his neck, calling it an “ownership” mark, and Hori even teased him not to cut his hair short because everyone will see it.


Horimiya Episode 8 Where to Watch with English Subtitles

Horimiya Ep 8

Funimation is the official home of Horimiya outside of Asia and it airs the anime series weekly for online streaming where fans get to access the latest episode of the show among the many other animes in the library of Funimation.

Funimation gives one-week early access to those with a premium account for the monthly rate of $5.99 or the yearly rate of $59.99 where the users have the privilege of an early viewing of all the anime released by the streaming platform.

Horimiya can also be streamed in AnimeLab for those who are in New Zealand and Australia, and Hulu also has a simultaneous release for the anime series.


Horimiya Episode 8 Release Date and Release Time

Horimiya Ep 8

Episode 8 of Horimiya will be titled “The Truth Deception Reveals” and it will be released to premium subscribers of Funimation on February 28, 2021, just the perfect time to end the love month. Depending on the international location of the viewer, the latest episode will be released at 12:30 PM JST/ 10:30 PM EST.

For those who don’t have premium access yet, worry not, Episode 8 will be available the following week for free on March 7, 2021, at the same time. For next week, those without premium access will have the seventh episode of Horimiya.


Horimiya Episode 8 Countdown

Horimiya Ep 8

As of the time of writing, Horimiya’s eighth episode will be released in five days for premium users which gives the fans and viewers ample time to recover on what just happened in Episode 7 as it was a huge step taken by Hori and Miyamura in their relationship and the anticipation of what comes next becomes as real as ever!

To those who haven’t subscribed yet, the next episode will take a week longer but the seventh episode will surely shake you down to your spine and make you feel the love with what has happened.

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