Horimiya Did They Do It in Episode 7? What Happened With Horimiya and Miyamura and if They Slept Together

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February 22, 2021  10:50 AM

Horimiya has been a rare gem that CloverWorks has unearthed and giving life for the Shōnen manga series of Hiroki Adachi has been an early success for the production company since Horimiya has been topping the charts ever since and with its story getting deeper, more fans are getting more hooked into the story and what happens next.


Horimiya follows the story of Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura, both characteristics on the opposite side of the pole, with one being an amiable person with a notable intellect, and one being a gentle loner who has been struggling with academics. When the two meet, they prove that opposites really do attract.

The viewers and fans are captivated by the nostalgic feeling that the series gives off, bringing them back to the time when high school was the center of everyone’s universe, where the first love meets their first heartbreak, where popularity is the key to the top of the heap, where the whole lives of each are ahead.

To top it all off, the opening song of every episode of Horimiya matches its whole feel as it brings the light and youthful vibe bringing out the real color of the series from the very start of the episode, Color Perfume by Yoh Kamimura.

Warning! This portion may contain spoilers for Horimiya. Read at your own risk!


In the seventh episode of the series, “You’re Here, I’m Here,” Miyamura went on a vacation with his family for almost five days and his phone having no charge, Hori realizes how much part of her everyday Miyamura is. His absence lingers in her and puts a gaping hole in her heart not knowing what is happening to Miyamura.

Upon Miyamura’s return, she runs to him quickly and hugs him with the tightest hug she can ever give. They have a heart-to-heart conversation and they come to realize that they are so deeply into each other that they get to fall a little harder in love.

As their routine goes back to normal, the day came that the rain poured so hard, too hard that Miyamura will not be able to come home. Because of this, Miyamura would have to stay until the rain completely stops.

This is where things take a turn and into an atmosphere where love fills the air. As their bodies come closer, so does their burning desire to one another keeping the flame of love heating the cold weather. Hori says to Miyamura that he could not go home with the heavy downpour.

And in a moment, everything was white with Hori’s words, “There was a heat within me and I wanted Miyamura to feel it, too.”


The scene cuts to a seemingly naked Hori and Miyamura where Miyamura discovers he has a bite mark on his nape, even teasing him that his hair is growing again and if he cuts it shorter, everyone would get to see the mark on the back of his neck.

With this scene, it seems that Hori and Miyamura finally did “it,” and fans are going wild because of this.

To confirm, yes, Hori and Miyamura did it!

This is an exact mirror from the manga where, in Chapter 37, Hori and Miyamura slept together and did it. It was also revealed in the manga that they did not use protection. (Practice safe, guys!)

In films, where two characters are seen in the same bed hinting that their flames are burning with desire, and then cutting the scene into one which shows them after the deed, it is kind of conclusive that all the stars are pointing that they did it. Though not deliberately shown, it happened!

Given all these, this means that Hori and Miyamura just took their relationship to a much deeper level by giving each other to one another. They elevate their relationship into a more serious and more invested one, Hori even left an “ownership” mark on Miyamura.

Because of this, many fans are just as excited about what happens next to their story and how they would be dealing with their relationship now that they took it to a whole new level of love.

Horimiya airs weekly via Funimation at 10:30 PM EST/ 12:30 PM JST.

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