Horimiya Anime Episode 7 Release Date, Release Time, Countdown, Where to Watch English Sub Online, News and Everything You Need to Know

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February 15, 2021  12:14 PM

Love is such a powerful feeling; couple it with nostalgia, it becomes anything the world can ever imagine. Horimiya gives both love and nostalgia all in one as it takes the viewers and fans into a nostalgic high school romance and how love flourishes in such a coming-of-age anime series.

CloverWorks have found a rare gem in Horimiya as it takes everyone back to the time when high school was everything and high school romance is the thing. The series promises a fleeting feeling coupled with a few comedies in between.Horimiya Ep 7

But what makes Horimiya great is that it reminds the viewers of a certain point in life where they get to somehow re-live while watching the anime series.

Horimiya follows the crossing of paths of Kyouko Hori, an amiable and intelligent girl in school who is kept indoors as she stands as a second parent to her younger sibling, and Izumi Miyamura, a gentle loner who struggles with his academics.

As their fates meet, so does their hidden selves. Growing closer to each episode, Hori and Miyamura slowly unravel their skeletons and the closet and fall in love as they accept each other’s imperfections and flaws.

Based off on a manga series of the same name by Hiroki Adachi, Horimiya has 13 episodes for the whole series, with no confirmation yet as to the second season. It recently announced the voice cast for the English dubbed version and fans across the globe couldn’t be more excited.

Opening every episode is Color Perfume by Yoh Kamiyama which sets the tone of the light feel of the high school romance series, perfectly complementing the overall package of the series.

Marking the mid-season, Episode 7 is expected to give the viewers more on the brooding relationship of Hori and Miyamura and how everyone around them will be dealing with the new couple on town.

Warning! This portion may contain spoilers for Horimiya. Read at your own risk!


Horimiya Episode 6 Recap

Horimiya Ep 7

In the sixth episode of Horimiya, Miyamura spends the night in Hori’s home after their horror-film marathon finishes later than usual. Hori’s father offered to walk them out as they both head to school but the two said that they could manage on their own.

As Hori and Miyamura step out of the house, two passersby who happen to be students from the same school they go into saw both of them. Rumors spread like wildfire, especially in high school, where whispers can go faster than lightning.

Upon arriving in school, people started murmuring how Hori and Miyamura are already dating and some would even think that Hori is way too hot to be with Miyamura. While in the classroom, Miyamura heard the other girls talking about them and their relationship status. Being the loner that he is, he ignored them as if he did not hear anything.

In the middle of their break, Miyamura stuns the whole class as he cuts his hair and removes his blazer. He even greeted Hori on his way to his seat. When asked, Miyamura says that it is summer. As many girls are piling over Miyamura’s new look, Hori stops them and took pictures of Miyamura.

The two went home surprising Hori’s father with the new look of Miyamura. “What a transformation,” he said.


Horimiya Episode 7 Where to Watch with English Subtitles

Horimiya Ep 7

Funimation and AnimeLab offer Horimiya weekly via online streaming with English Subtitles. For a monthly rate of $5.99 or a yearly rate of $59.99, Funimation offers an earlier viewing of the anime in its roster, including Horimiya.

For those who have yet to subscribe for a premium account, waiting is the key as all the episodes of Horimiya and all other anime would be available for free one week after being streamed to premium users.

Horimiya can also be streamed online via Hulu in a simultaneous release.


Horimiya Episode 7 Release Date and Release Time

Horimiya Ep 7

Horimiya Episode 7 entitled “You’re Here, I’m Here” is slated for release on February 21, 2021, for premium subscribers, although there might be some discrepancy depending on the international region of the viewers. It will be available via the abovementioned streaming platforms at 12:30 PM JST/ 10:30 PM EST.

For those who have yet to subscribe, it will be released at the same time on February 28, 2021, just a perfect way to close off the month of love.


Horimiya Episode 7 Countdown

Horimiya Ep 7

As of the time of writing, there are five days left for premium users before the latest episode of Horimiya returns with Episode 7’s You’re Here I’m Here.

For the non-subscribers, the wait may be longer by a week but it’s always worth it.

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