Godzilla vs. Kong: Who Wins? Here's What We Would Expect From Their Epic Battle

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January 26, 2021  04:13 PM

In the upcoming face-off between two gigantic creatures, Godzilla vs. Kong will surely give us more than one hell of fight scenes. With the tagline of the trailer, “One Will Fall,” it is hinted that one will emerge victorious in the battle: who will win?

This is not the first time Godzilla and Kong clashed. In 1962, Godzilla and Kong clashed in a Japanese kaiju film by Ishirō Honda and King Kong won the battle as confirmed by the film’s synopsis. This later disappointed Godzilla fans as Godzilla has regenerative powers and raging atomic beam.

But in this new battle, who will win?

Godzilla vs. Kong

With the trailer showing more backstory and support to Kong given the little girl close to his heart and the trailer saying “the world needs Kong,” it may be hinted that the story will favor the giant gorilla over the giant reptile despite being the damsel in distress chained by humans.

But given the colossal strength and capacities of Godzilla which could prove that Kong would be no match, it would be hard to decide who wins and survives their clash.

Let’s break down their strengths and advantages.

Godzilla’s Advantage


Godzilla has regenerative powers. As a giant lizard, Godzilla can regenerate parts of his body and maybe indestructible like how Wolverine is in X-Men. This is one of the many notable traits of a lizard. With a gigantic lizard-like Godzilla, it would take time for him to regenerate but he would definitely heal faster than Kong.

Godzilla is the King of the Monsters. This is no easy feat but Godzilla snatched this title which means that he has it in him; the capacity to defeat other monsters.

Godzilla shoots atomic beams through his mouth. This could prove useful for him as he wreaks havoc on Kong as Kong only possesses brute strength. With a weapon such as an atomic beam, Godzilla could easily cut through anything.

Godzilla radiates nuclear energy and can survive nukes. Nuclear energy is entirely dangerous and to Kong, a gorilla, it would prove destructive to him as the effects of nuclear energy could be fatal.

Godzilla can battle on land and the sea. As shown in the preview, Godzilla swam his way to where Kong is and even blasted an atomic beam that shoots up to the sky making Kong jump into the water. With both turfs covered, Godzilla can battle with Kong almost anywhere except maybe the skies.

Godzilla has almost impenetrable skin. His fins glow and his tail can destroy anything on its way. With his anatomical structure, his skin will be like that of armor against the blows of Kong.


Kong’s Advantage


Kong is now with a weapon: an ax that can absorb Godzilla’s atomic beam. In the preview, Kong charges to Godzilla as the giant reptile unleashes its atomic beam. It is clearly shown that Kong’s ax managed to absorb the blast. This could be a decisive factor as a weapon that big and strong could be useful to Kong is his fight.

Kong can absorb lightning, course it through his body, and zap it through his hands. This was shown in their 1962 clash. With this, Kong can zap lightning to Godzilla which can prove useful against Godzilla’s beams. Made from Gojira’s own dorsal fins, the ax can also charge the energy it receives and reuse it which may result in Godzilla tasting his own poison.

Kong exhibits massive brute strength. As seen in the trailer, Kong swings around what seems to be a dragon to another which clearly shows that he has the capability to do the same to Godzilla. He can punch his way through any other monster in Skull Island and could definitely recreate the same to Godzilla.

Kong has ingenuity and intellect. It is expressly seen in both the trailer and Kong: Skull Island that the giant gorilla has an understanding that he can comprehend what the purpose of the battle will be. With Kong’s intellect, he can easily think through how to defeat Godzilla.

Kong has the endurance to pain. As seen in Kong: Skull Island, Kong can withstand more pain than any regular monster on the island. Despite bleeding, Kong can still manage to give a fight and make his way through it.

Kong has a purpose. With a purpose, Kong can have something to stand for and fight for. With the introduction of the young orphaned girl, Kong has a connection with, Kong has someone to fight for. This means that Kong will not easily back down as he has a purpose for winning, not just any title, but a world where the girl could be in a safer place.

Breaking down their strengths and advantages, it seems like it is a fair fight considering that they are now of the same height and stature. This would be a hard tell on who will be winning between Godzilla and Kong now that the field has been leveled.

While Kong can be an underdog considering his capture from the humans, it does not mean that he doesn’t stand a chance against Godzilla. And for Godzilla, he is a force to be reckoned with for sure as he possesses innate capabilities to destroy any monster on his way which makes him the King of Monsters.

After the long wait, the battle is coming. Who would you be betting on? Godzilla or Kong? 

Godzilla vs. Kong is scheduled to be released in theaters and HBO Max on March 26, 2021.

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