Back To The Future: Where to Watch and Stream the Entire Trilogy

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January 22, 2021  03:50 PM

One of the most iconic trilogies of all time, Back to the Future took everyone’s interests into time traveling and science experiments. It could easily be one of the most favorite film series, especially in the late ’80s.

With Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown, the trilogy went to different timelines from the ‘50s to 2015 to the Old West, and in here, we also learned that messing with the events of the past can produce drastic effects to the present.Back to The Future

The first film became a blockbuster and made moviegoers swoon over the story of how Marty’s experiment-gone-wrong brought him to the time when his parents met and that his mission is to make them fall in love so that his existence could be guaranteed in the present.

The second and third films, albeit being successful sequels in their own right, took a different direction with the story wherein Back to the Future Part II, they traveled to their future 2015, a not-so-distant past to ours, and in Back to the Future Part III, Marty traveled to the Old West to save Doc Brown from impending doom.

What makes this trilogy enjoyable to watch is not just the time travel; it’s fun to see how much they have predicted for 2015 now that we’re past that year. To see if Back to the Future got our future right, here is where you can watch the whole trilogy:

Is Back To The Future trilogy on Netflix?


It is on Netflix, however, only Back to the Future is available. Parts 2 and 3 are no longer on Netflix.

Is Back To The Future trilogy on Amazon Prime?


Yes, all three Back to the Future films is here! For a rental price of $30/month per film, you can now watch the adventures of Marty and Doc Brown. If you want to permanently own the trilogy, it costs $13.99 apiece!

Is Back To The Future trilogy on HBO Max?


Sadly, HBO Max doesn’t have the Back to the Future trilogy in its library but it offers a lot of original movies and series that you can stream all day.

Is Back To The Future trilogy on Vudu?

The whole trilogy is on Vudu for a monthly rental fee of $3.99 per film and if you purchase each for the price of $14.99, you can have unlimited Back to the Future marathons!

Is Back To The Future trilogy on Hulu?


Unfortunately, all three are not available on Hulu.

Is Back To The Future trilogy on Google Play?

Google Play

For a monthly rental fee of $3.99 per film for a purchase price of $14.99 each, you can have unlimited access to the whole Back to The Future trilogy.

Is Back To The Future trilogy on YouTube?


You can also rent or buy the Back to The Future trilogy from YouTube at the same price as that of Google Play.

How many predictions have you spotted in the whole trilogy? Did they really happen in our present time?

Spotted it or not, enjoy streaming Back to The Future and watch one of the most favorite film trilogies of all time. Grab your spot on the couch now or on the bed, whichever you are comfortable with. Make sure you prepare snacks as three films can make you hungry. Join Marty and Doc Brown in the adventure of their lifetime and feel as if you yourself traveled to and fro in time.

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