Will Fruits Basket: Another Be Animated?

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June 04, 2021  03:21 PM

Fruits Basket Season 3 has been among the stars of the Spring 2021 Season. Overall, the TMS Entertainment show has been enjoyed by both new and long-time fans who have craved a proper adaptation since the early 2000s. Comparatively few people have engaged with the spin-off manga Fruits Basket: Another. So what is it about, and will it be animated?

For many Fruits Basket fans, the news that Season 3 will end at 13 episodes with no Season 4 or part 2 was very disappointing. For three years, the slice of life series was one of the most heartwarming works in the anime scene, and rarely will you find characters so well-developed as Kyo, Yuki, Momiji, and the rest of the crew. When a beloved title comes to an end it leaves a gap, causing fans to look for similar shows or more content. 

It's precisely this call for new content that might finally spark fans' interest in Fruits Basket: Another. While the spinoff manga isn't as popular as its predecessor, Takaya Natsuki's name is a guarantee for a heartfelt story, and the increased demand for more content could possibly create a Fruits Basket: Another anime at some point in the future. 

Fruits Basket: Another - What Is It About?

Will Fruits Basket: Another Be Animated

Fruits Basket: Another follows a new female character, Sawa Mitoma, a shy high-schooler who instantly gets in trouble on her first day. She is soon saved by Mutsuki Shoma, Yuki and Machi's son. Sawa then meets Hajime, Tohru, and Kyo's son. After seeing how she struggles with everyday interactions, Mutsuki decides to help her by encouraging her to join the student council. 

Does any of this sound similar? To be fair, it probably is. A lot of fans have complained that Fruits Basket: Another doesn't stand on its own, but only as a continuation of the main story. Of course, there are differences, since the spinoff focuses on the Sohma clan helping a girl, rather than the other way around, but overall, there are too many similarities for it to feel like an original, independent work. 

In any case, if you want another taste of Takaya Natsuki's art and wonderful writing, you have nothing to lose by giving Fruits Basket: Another a try. 

Fruits Basket: Another - Will It Be Animated? 

Will Fruits Basket: Another Be Animated 1

Surely, many fans who would have any Fruits Basket materials at all, after the end of Season 3, will likely want Fruits Basket: Another to be animated. At this point, there's no official announcement regarding whether or not this is going to happen. Another is mostly about the main character's children and the plot is even slower than that of the main story - which isn't the most fast-paced, and fittingly so.

But anime are more complex, because they have budget and profitability to consider, more so than mangas, and perhaps Fruits Basket: Another would be a bit too uneventful and similar to Fruits Basket to guarantee an equally great anime. Of course, an adaptation doesn't have to be 100% faithful, and changes could potentially be made. We will update with more information if any announcement comes up, one way or the other.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for more slice-of-life anime or works of any genre that are similar to Fruits Basketwe have lists for you. 

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