Where to Watch and Stream Avatar Free Online - October 2021 Update

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October 02, 2021  07:47 AM

Where is the best place to watch and stream Avatar free online as of October 2021? We've compiled an updated list of streaming services that currently have Avatar available to watch so that you can refresh your memory before the Avatar 2 hits our screens!

Watch Avatar Free: October 2021 Update

• Avatar is available to watch on Disney Plus and it's included in your subscription.

• You can stream Avatar on Amazon Prime Video for an additional price. 

The 2009 film, often marketed as James Cameron's Avatar, made a real sensation when it first came out. At that time, 3D was something new and exciting making more viewers willing to watch it at the cinema.

Many fans were excited to follow Jake's adventure in the magical Pandora, and would be eager to watch Avatar 2. While the sequel was delayed so many times that we couldn't help thinking it would flop, it finally got a 2022 release date! 

Moreover, Avatar 3 has finished filming and was given a 2024 release date at the time of writing, while two additional sequels are on the table. Of course, some fans wonder if so many sequels are needed, especially since the concept of Avatar 1 hasn't aged particularly well.

The idea of a disabled character traveling in a magical world where they get rid of their disability won't sit well with modern audiences, when we need great works about disabled characters embarking on adventures as they are, rather than in spite of their disability. Moreover, far fewer viewers would appreciate the concept of a white male character becoming the savior of a different race. If the sequels are to work, they have to do better. 

In any case, as Avatar was an important chapter of the late 2000s cinema, you might still want to watch it, even if just to compare it with the forthcoming sequels. Here's how:

Is Avatar on Netflix?

Where to Watch and Stream Avatar Free Online

At the time of writing, Avatar is not available to stream on Netflix, though of course, this might change in the future. If you're interested in other fantasy movies that became trends at around the same time, Twilight recently made it to Netflix.


 Is Avatar on Amazon Prime Video?

Where to Watch and Stream Avatar Free Online 1

Yes! You can currently stream Avatar on Amazon Prime Video. However, bear in mind that even if you're a subscriber, there will be an extra charge. You can rent the movie starting from $4.89. Alternatively, if you're going to watch it more than once, you can purchase it starting from £12.99 or $17.99.

Is Avatar on Disney Plus?

Where to Watch and Stream Avatar Free Online 2

Avatar is available to watch on Disney Plus and if you're a subscriber. No extra money is needed, as the movie is included in your Disney subscription, making this the best streaming platform to watch Avatar this month!

Is Avatar on HBO Max?

Where to Watch and Stream Avatar Free Online 3

HBO Max doesn't have Avatar in its online library, though, of course, this could change in the future. If you want to watch a fantasy series on the streaming platform, we recommend His Dark Materials.

Is Avatar on Hulu?

Where to Watch and Stream Avatar Free Online 5

Not yet! Avatar is currently not on Hulu, but fortunately, there are other ways for you to watch it. Meanwhile, Hulu has a very rich library of fantasy or speculative works including but not limited to The Handmaid's Tale.

Is Avatar on Peacock?

Where to Watch and Stream Avatar Free Online 6

At the time of writing, Avatar isn't available to stream online on Peacock. However, The Hunger Games trilogy is available to stream on this relatively newer platform.

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Is Avatar on Paramount Plus?

Where to Watch and Stream Avatar Free Online 7

As of October 2021, you can't watch Avatar on Paramount Plus. Thankfully, there are other ways to watch the film and we expect it to possibly become more widely available as the franchise is going to significantly expand in the following few years. 

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