How Many Episodes Will Season 1 of The Case Study of Vanitas Have?

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August 04, 2021  11:04 AM

The Case Study of Vanitasalso known as Vanitas no Karte takes us into the enchanting world of Jun Mochizuki, whom you might also know from his shonen manga Pandora Hears. This time around, we’re traveling to an alternative, steampunk Paris, inhabited by vampires who mostly live normally among humans – unless they become cursed and attain an unacceptable bloodlust, that is. So, how many episodes will The Case Study of Vanitas have?

In this gorgeously animated series by studio Bones, we encounter an intricate vampire society, mostly through the eyes of Noé Archiviste. The young vampire is looking for the Book of Vanitas, a legendary grimoire, written by a vampire who was hated by his peers due to having been born under a blue instead of a red moon. His curse book is his revenge against vampires, as it tells its users how to corrupt a vampire’s true name, causing them to go berserk against their own.

How Many Episodes Will Season 1 of The Case Study of Vanitas Have When Noé arrives in Paris, he’s shocked to find a said book in the hands of a human, who has inherited Vanitas’ name, and his legacy. This new Vanitas is a self-proclaimed doctor of vampires, healing them from the very sickness the grimoire supposedly causes. With the common goal to cure vampires, the two team up. Complicating matters is the fact that Vanitas is really obnoxious and hard to work with, not to mention that he most likely hides sinister secrets.

The anime first started airing this July, and international fans can watch it with English subtitles on Hulu and Funimation, while the English dub has also started airing.

How Many Episodes Will Season 1 of The Case Study of Vanitas Have 1

If you check the title out on MyAnimeList, you’ll find 12 episodes, which might be disappointed if you can’t have enough of the truly magical art style.

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Thankfully, this is only half of the story, as Vanitas no Karte is a two-cour anime. This means that the first season will air in two batches of 12, meaning that The Case Study of Vanitas will have a total of 24 episodes. Since the two cours feature as separate entries on the popular anime database, we can assume that this will be a split cour, with the second part skipping a season and airing next winter, rather than next autumn. We can’t know for sure yet, but we’ll update this space should an announcement be made.

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