Shadows House Episode 1 Release Date and Time, Where to Watch English Subs Online, COUNTDOWN

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March 30, 2021  03:24 PM

Shadows House already looks like an exciting entry in the Spring 2021 list. The supernatural anime is based on a manga series of the same name, written and illustrated by Shoumatou. Those who haven't read the manga only have the trailer to judge from, but things look spooky and aesthetic! Here you'll find everything you need to know about Shadows House before the premiere's release date.

Studio CloverWorks gave us almost impossibly high standards in Winter 2021, with such works as Horimiya and Wonder Egg PriorityWhile The Promised Neverland Season 2 was less well-received, the art and atmosphere of Shadows House, and its already implied dark secret, might remind you of The Promised Neverland Season 1 at its best.  

In the titular Shadows House, Emilyko, a young girl, is a "living doll." She works as a servant in the mysterious Shadow mansion, along with other girls and boys. Her duties include cleaning up the soot constantly emitted by the house occupants, literal shadows, completely dark and featureless, only shaped and dressed like humans. 

Emilyko's main duty is serving her lady, Kate Shadow, a young shadow girl who looks exactly like her - in terms of shape only, of course. Already, the premise looks unique and we're excited to find out more about the house's secret and the nature of its owners.  


Shadows House Episode 1 Release Date

Shadows House Episode 1 Release Date and Time

Shadows House Episode 1 is going to be released on the 10th or 11th of April, depending on your timezone. The show is licensed by Funimation, meaning that premium users will be able to watch Shadows House simulcast. The episodes will then become available for free a week after the original release.  


Shadows House Episode 1 Release Time

Shadows House Episode 1 Release Date and Time 1

We are expecting Shadows House to air at around 00.30 AM JST on the 11th of April. Should these times remain correct, Episode 1 will air in different time zones as follows:

Pacific Time: 8:30 AM (April 10)

Central Time: 10:30 AM  (April 10)

Eastern Time: 11:30 AM  (April 10)

British Time: 4:30 PM  (April 10)


Shadows House Episode 1 Where to Watch

Shadows House Episode 1 Release Date and Time 2

As was the case with the CloverWorks anime shows of the previous season, Shadows House will be simulcast on Funimation.  Subscribed users will be able to watch episodes as they come out, while non-premium users will be able to access them a week later. 


Shadows House Episode 1 COUNTDOWN

Whether or not you have already read the Shadows House manga, this is a very exciting premise, which will come to our screen in just 11 days.

Watch out for the premiere of Shadows House on the 10th of April.

Other great anime you can watch during the Spring 2021 season - that have already premiered -  include My Hero Academia Season 5 and Fruits Basket Season 3.  

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