Odd Taxi Episode 2 Release Date and Time, Where to Watch English Subs Online, COUNTDOWN

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April 08, 2021  12:40 PM

Did you love Beastars and its clever use of anthropomorphic animals? If so, Odd Taxi could be for you. The animation style is quite different, but there's a mystery to solve in this original OLM anime project, that will keep you occupied in the weeks to come. 


Odd Taxi Episode 1 premiered very recently, and many viewers are curious for more. If you're one of them, go no further. Below, you will find your ultimate cheat sheet about Odd Taxi Episode 2, its release date, airing time, and more! 


Odd Taxi Overview 

Odd Taxi Episode 2 Release Date and Time

For many of us, a taxi ride is an unremarkable experience. Yet, this is what Odd Taxi chooses as its subject matter, choosing to root its plot in the little things that feel very realistic, even if the characters aren't so. 


Odokawa is a middle-aged Walrus who works as a taxi driver. He has no family to speak of, nor many friends apart from an old classmate and his doctor. 

But real-life taxi drives often involve chatting with the driver, even though you might never see them again. Odd Taxi is no exception. Through conversation with the various anthropomorphic animals riding in his taxi, Odokawa might get clues about a girl who disappeared years ago. Who said small talk in the taxi is meaningless? 


Odd Taxi Episode 2 Release Date

Odd Taxi Episode 2 Release Date and Time 1

How does the quirky main character spend long nights in the taxi? Odd Taxi  Episode 2, title "How to Spend a Long Night" might give us the answer! It will air on Tuesday the 13th of April 2021 in Japan for premium Crunchyroll users. Those using Crunchyroll for free will have to wait a bit longer, likely a few weeks.


Odd Taxi Episode 2 Release Time

Odd Taxi Episode 2 Release Date and Time 2

Odd Taxi Episode 2 is expected to air at around 02.00 AM JST on Tuesday the 13th of April. If this time remains correct, Episode 2 will air in different time zones as follows:

Pacific Time: 10:00 AM (April 12)

Central Time: 12:00 PM  (April 12)

Eastern Time: 1:00 PM  (April 12)

British Time: 6:00 PM  (April 12)

Odd Taxi Episode 2 Where to Watch

Odd Taxi Episode 2 Release Date and Time 3

For the time being, t Crunchyroll is the best place to watch Odd Taxi. Premium users can watch episodes as they come out, while those watching for free will have to wait a bit longer.


Unsure about Crunchyroll subscriptions? You can try the 14-day free trial before paying a fee that starts from $7.99 per month to watch your favorite animated series.


Odd Taxi Episode 2 COUNTDOWN

Odd Taxi Episode 2 Release Date and Time 4

Odd Taxi Episode 2 will premier in just five days for subscribed Crunchyroll users.  

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