Kemono Jihen Opening Theme Song Name, Title, Lyrics, Spotify and Where to Download the Intro

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February 16, 2021  12:38 PM

In Kemono Jihena Winter 2021 shōnen anime by Aija-Do Animation works, Kabane, a human-ghoul hybrid child is taken in by Inugami, a detective specialising in the occult. Along with him and his two other proteges, Kabane solves mysteries and resolves tensions between humans and supernatural beings. The anime is full of fun and adventure, while it's music is also one of its strong points. Here's everything you need to know about it: 




Kemono Jihen Opening Theme Song Title 

Kemono Jihen


True to the anime's main theme, the opening song is called "Kemono Michi." "Kemono" refers to many different supernatural beings that combine human and beastly features. "Kemono Michi" could be translated as "Beast Road," alluding to the main characters' intriguing but alienating way of life.   




Kemono Jihen Opening Theme Lyrics 

 Kemono Jihen

The full lyrics of “Kemono Michi” can be found in the anime song database The song is quite upbeat and full of energy, but some of the lyrics are pretty dark, and therefore fitting to a character like Kabane:



I want to be truly strong
Don't get lost in your dreams
I want to go to tomorrow without any promises
My heart races in the moonlight

Thank you, the us from yesterday
Even the pain we will never forget
Spread the invisible map and
Shine a light on the roadless path

I thought I'd lived properly
But the footprints then became
Distorted before I knew it
Cut through the dense forest
Wipe my tears with bloody fingertips
The flower I finally grabbed won't break apart in this strong wind




In the first episode of Kemono Jihen, Kabane was living in an abusive environment, with everyone in his village shunning him and having him believe his parents he'd been abandoned by his birth parents.


Inugami is the first to show Kabane that he's worthy of respect and capable of leading a fulfiling life. In recruiting him and promising to reunite him with his parents Inugami gives Kabane a purpose, and the lyrics of "Kemono Michi" seem to imply just that. 



Kemono Jihen Opening Theme Artist

Kemono Jihen

 If "Kemono Michi" sounds a bit familiar, it's because you have likely heard the voice of its singer, Daisuke Ono, at some point. In Kemono Jihen, Daisuke Ono is the voice actor of Mihai, the mysterious vampire resident who hides in Inugami's house, but one of his most well-known roles is Sebastian from Black Butler.


Daisuke Ono also appears in another ongoing anime, Horimiya, where he's the voice of Kyousuke, Kyouko's father. 




Kemono Jihen Opening: Where to Download 

Kemono Jihen Opening Theme


"Kemono Michi" is available on Amazon and the iTunes store as well as CD Japan. You can also listen to it online on Spotify.



Kemono Jihen airs each Sunday from 8 AM EST on Funimation. Premium users can watch episodes as they come, while non-premium users can watch them a week later. This anime season you can also check out Wonder Egg Priority and Cells at Work Code Black.


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