Is The Duke of Death and His Maid Manga Complete, Finished, or Ongoing? Here is the Current Status of the Series

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August 11, 2021  12:48 PM

The Duke of Death and His Maid might not be the most complex anime of the season, but it’s definitely one of the most entertaining. If you’re looking for dramatic plot twists and epic action scenes you have to look elsewhere, but if you’re up for adorable interaction, fairytale-like aesthetics, and stress-free fun, this one is for you. So, for those who’re already looking for more content, is The Duke of Death and His Maid based on a manga, and is it complete or ongoing?

The J. C. Staff anime follows a cursed young man only known as the Duke, who kills everything he touches. Because of that, he’s shunned by almost everyone who knows him and banished to a faraway mansion where’s he’s only taken care of by his maid, Alice, and his butler, Rob.

Is The Duke of Death and His Maid Manga Complete, Finished, or Ongoing

Alice is the Duke’s childhood friend and she’s in love with him. Even though they cannot touch she enjoys teasing him, and, refreshingly, the romantic feelings are mutual. The Duke thus tries to get rid of his curse, so that he can be with her.

Some fans have noted that while lifting the Duke’s curse is the ultimate goal, a large part of The Duke of Death and His Maid consists of simple slice-of-life interaction between Alice and the Duke. Somehow, this is a strength, rather than a weakness of the show, as the two main characters have amazing chemistry, and their interactions are a blast.

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Thankfully, you can have more of these day-to-day interactions, and be the first to find out whether the curse will be lifted, as The Duke of Death and his Maid is based on a manga of the same name, written by Koharu Ikami.

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At the time of writing, there are 189 chapters available, collected in 13 volumes, meaning there's plenty to read after the show's 12 episodes! The manga is ongoing and might not finish particularly soon since it’s so good at what it does – namely depicting heartwarming daily interactions – but it’d sure be nice to find out more about the main character’s fates and see if they will finally marry, as is their dream.

Is The Duke of Death and His Maid Manga Complete, Finished, or Ongoing 2

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