Grand Blue Chapter 68 Release Date, Spoilers, and Manga Summary

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April 14, 2021  03:09 PM

Grand Blue Chapter 67 has just been released. Earlier this year author Kenji Inoue had to go on a short hiatus, but everything looks back on track now. On Reddit and other venues, fans are already wondering about the release day and time of Grand Blue Chapter 68. 

If you're one of them, go no further. Below, you will find our guide with everything you need to know about the slice of life comedy, and particularly Chapter 68:


Grand Blue Manga Summary

Grand Blue Chapter 68 Release Date

Grand Blue follows Iori Kitahara, a new college student eager to start his new life in the Izu Peninsula. He lodges in a room above his uncle's scuba diving shop; the titular Grand BlueBut the perfect college life he had dreamt of doesn't go exactly according to plan.

Much to Iori's disappointment, the men who frequent in Grand Blue are doing very little diving. Instead, they engage in drinking, partying, and overall inappropriate behavior. Iori doesn't want anything to do with them, but he gives in and participates in the revelry at the worst time possible time when he's caught in the act by his cousin and classmate, Chisa - often the voice of reason among illogical, quirky characters. 

While Chisa scorns the divers' behavior, her relationship with Iori does improve and she tries to show him the wonders of diving.  


Grand Blue Chapter 67 Recap

Grand Blue Chapter 68 Release Date 1

Chapter 67 of Grand Blue has received big reviews on forums discussions: some fans disliked the fact that the chapter was more or less pure comedy, with little development in terms of romance. Others are fine with that, recognizing that Grand Blue is not primarily a romantic work and that comedy is what it does best. 

However, most agree that Grand Blue Chapter 67 was at least very entertaining, and even action-packed for a little while: Iori was kidnapped and he managed to escape, with comical effect, all in very few pages.

It seems like Chapter 67 attempted to recreate the atmosphere that is considered classic for the popular seinen manga, and did so successfully, but in a way that felt a bit disconnected from the story, disappointing those invested in the romantic build-up.



Grand Blue Chapter 68 Release Date

Grand Blue Chapter 68 Release Date 2

We have good and bad news here. The good is that the creators' issues have been resolved and they are back from hiatus, so Grand Blue will once again be released monthly. The bad news is that there is currently no official release date. As Chapter 67 was released in the 6th of April, our best prediction for the release dater of Grand Blue Chapter 68​ is early May. Watch this space for an update when the release date becomes officials.


Grand Blue Chapter 68 Spoilers

Grand Blue Chapter 68 Release Date 3

Grand Blue is a monthly manga, and its latest chapter has been released just a week ago. Naturally, and spoilers and plot points of Chapter 68 will most likely be kept under lock and key until we're very close to the release date, so watch this space for information should any spoilers become available. 

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