Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 6 Release Date and Time, Countdown

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May 07, 2021  10:52 AM

Momiji? Is that really you?



The strands of fate that connect the Sohma family to Akito are slowly coming undone, and I fear Tohru is in real danger because of it. In episode 5 of Fruits Basket Season 3, the main focus is on a now grown-up Momiji who apparently had a major growth spurt since we last saw him. Now standing taller than Tohru, the pair walk hand in hand together to Shigure’s house for a small party with everyone. It isn’t until later, however, that we learn the reason why he was able to do that… his zodiac curse has been broken and because of that, he no longer feels the need to be bound to Akito (who does not take the news well at all). 

Funimation is co-producing this reboot anime with TMS Entertainment producing the animation and Yoshihide Ibata serving as the director working off series composition by Taku Kishimoto. It’s always worth remembering that this reboot is two decades in the making. The original manga that this series is based on ran in Hana to Yume from 1998 to 2006 and received an anime adaptation in the middle of that run. Unfortunately, the director of that original anime adaptation made changes to the story that the author didn’t care for. Fast forward almost twenty years and the creator was able to request that a brand new anime be created with an entirely new cast and crew which brings us to today. 


Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 6 Release Date



Fruits Basket Season 3 airs in the very early morning hours on Tuesdays, which means that it appears on Monday outside of Japan. The next episode of Fruits Basket The Final will appear on Monday, May 10th.


Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 6 Release Time



Airing at 1:30 am Japan Standard Time, Fruits Basket Season 3 streams outside Japan on Crunchyroll (Japanese) and Funimation (English) at or around the following times:

Pacific Time: 9:30 am
Central Time: 11:30 am
Eastern Time: 12:30 pm
British Time: 5:30 pm

Fruits Basket continues to be one of my favorite series year after year. I’ve mentioned before how I saw the original series many years ago, but find this reboot to be superior in just about every way. It’s more than just the animation quality (which is very, very pretty by the way), it’s just the whole package that makes this series such an incredible watch. I’m already aware of how the series ends, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t enjoy the journey all the same.

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