Don't Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Episode 2 Release Date and Time, Where to Watch English Subs Online, COUNTDOWN

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April 12, 2021  12:31 PM

Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro is for a very specific audience and it’s very good at targeting that audience. Anyone who isn’t inside that target audience though is quite out of luck. 

In the first episode of this shonen anime series, we meet our nameless second-year high school student. Why doesn’t he have a name? Because it doesn’t really matter what his name is, he’s not actually the star. The real star of the series is a first-year student named Hayase Nagatoro who encounters our hapless senpai in the library after school one day. From almost the first moment that she sees him, she feels the need to tease him mercilessly and make him cry. 

Animated by Telecom Animation Film, the series premiered on Sunday, April 11th. Hirokazu Hanai is directing working off scripts supervised by Taku Kishimoto and character designs from Misaki Suzuki. The series is scheduled to run for 12 episodes, though this doesn’t include any bonus episodes that have yet to be announced as of April 2021.

Don't Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Episode 2 Release Date

The second episode of Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro is scheduled to air in Japan on Sunday, April 18th. 

Don't Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Episode 2 Release Time

This series airs at 1 am early Sunday morning in Japan and streams immediately after that outside of Japan. This translates into the episode appearing at the following times on Saturday around the world:

Pacific Time: 9 am
Central Time: 11 am

Eastern Time: 12 pm
British Time: 5 pm

Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Episode 2 Where to Watch English Subs Online

As of April 12th, 2021, the only place to legally stream this series is on Crunchyroll. No other streaming services have revealed plans to simulcast this series.

Remember when I said that this series is very good at targeting its core audience? Yeah, I’m not one of them. 

This is a series for masochists who identify with senpai or extreme sadists who identify with Nagatoro. If you can’t identify with either of them in a positive way, don’t even bother trying this series out because this series is not for you and will make absolutely zero attempts to court you over to its side. 

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