X-Men 2 Cast Almost Quit After Hugh Jackman Was Allegedly Left Bleeding in Botched Stunt

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July 31, 2020  01:38 PM


This year marks the 20th anniversary of X-Men, a film that changed the landscape of superhero movies, launching a franchise of its own. However, aside from its success, it’s difficult not to reflect on the allegations that director Bryan Singer faced and the legacy he left.

A new report from The Hollywood Reporter offers new insight into an incident between Singer and the cast of X2, leading to a point where the cast allegedly threatened to quit. The outlet detailed the incident where Singer got into a fight with producer Tom DeSanto over shutting down the production.

DeSanto attempted to halt shooting after finding out that Singer was “incapacitated” after taking a narcotic, other crewmembers took the same drug as well, leaving to DeSanto worrying that someone could get injured on set.



“All of the main cast, with the exception of McKellen, were in the scene that day, which takes place in the X Jet and comes near the end of the movie,” the article reads. “But Singer was defiant and continued shooting, leading to a botched stunt that left Jackman bleeding on camera (no stunt coordinator was present because the scene was supposed to be shot the following day).”

X-Men producer Ralph Winter had the authority to stop production and did so, but the next day, the studio “appeared to side with Singer and told DeSanto to return to Los Angeles.” This is what allegedly prompted the cast, minus Ian McKellen Rebecca Romijn, to confront Singer, threatening to quit if DeSanto left, all dressed in their full costumes.

The outlet also noted that this is where actor Halle Berry famously said "You can kiss my Black ass," which was a line “oft-reported” without the correct backstory. DeSanto declined to comment about the fight though and a rep for Singer says "nothing like that ever happened."

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