Alison Brie Admits Following She-Hulk Casting Rumors Along With Fans

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By Judith Anne Dela Cruz | More Articles MCU Enthusiast and Neil Gaiman Fanatic
July 31, 2020  11:12 AM


Earlier this year, a rumor surfaced suggesting that Marvel Studios was looking for an “Alison Brie-type actress” to play the part of Jennifer Walters in the upcoming She-Hulk Disney+ series. The Glow star neither confirmed nor denied these rumors but she finds them “interesting” and flattering.” With no updates as of late about the She-Hulk series, Brie was asked for an update on the casting rumors, revealing that she’s been following these as well.

"You know, I've been trying to follow it online a little bit, and there don't seem to be," Brie shared with The Hollywood Reporter. "But it is always funny to me when something kind of takes off on the internet, and I'm getting my updates from fans tagging me in things on Instagram.”

“I'm like, 'Oh, interesting. Oh, people are still talking about it. That's cool,'" she added, echoing that of her previous comments and didn’t necessarily indicate whether or not she’s involved with the series.



Aside from Jessica Gao confirmed as the She-Hulk series head writer, news about the show has been quite scarce. She-Hulk was initially expected to start filming this summer, but it looks like this won’t happen anytime soon because of the coronavirus pandemic.

That being said, given that the writers’ room has “ended” and the scripts have been completed, along with the production’s former timeline, it is possible that Marvel has already cast the lead star. It’s either Brie is keeping this a big secret or she really isn’t involved with the series, but some fans are still holding out hope. Hopefully, a casting decision will be revealed very soon.

She-Hulk is set for release on Disney+ sometime in 2022.

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