Wizards of the Coast President Confirms Mac Support For Magic: The Gathering Arena

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
February 08, 2018  02:44 PM

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Wizards of the Coast's Hearthstone-esque Magic: The Gathering Arena is a new way of digitizing the popular trading card game but if you're concerned that you won't be able to play the game because you only have a Mac computer, worry not. Unlike Magic: The Gathering Online, the upcoming game is getting Mac support, as confirmed by Wizards of the Coast President Chris Cocks. 

“We will support other platforms like Mac,” Chis told hipstersofthecoast. “[T]hat likely won’t be until either the later stages of the Beta or around when we declare it as a launch game, but Mac will be a platform that supported as well as all the other platforms you would expect us to do. The timeline on those other platforms are as soon as we can prioritize it based on player feedback and what we think is the best thing to do to make a fun game.”

This is huge! It's clear that the game is intended to be a Hearthstone competitor rather than a replacement to MTGO, so adding Mac support would definitely edge out its rival by making the game more accessible to players who use Mac computers. Although I have both Mac and PC, I'd prefer to play Arena on the Mac. 

Another interesting plan they have for Magic: The Gathering Arena is adding it to Organized Play. Chris says, “there’s going to be a mix of paper coverage and there’s going to be digital coverage as well,” he said. “You will see high-level competitive events that will be focused on digital versions of the game,” likely similar to the current Magic Online Championship Series but with MTG Arena. Even further in the future, “maybe it’s a year or two down the road, [there might be] hybrid events where both are..showcased.” 

The future of digital Magic is looking good, Just recently, a Korean company and Wizards of the Coast announced their 'Project M' mobile game.

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