VALORANT Player Clutches Round by Using Brimstone's Abilities Masterfully in 1 vs. 6 Game-Winning Ace

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Content Creator
June 30, 2021  04:13 PM

A VALORANT player, who goes by richpianajr on Reddit, has shared a clip of himself pulling off a 1 vs. 6 game-winning ace to end their match on Ascent, using Brimstone's abilities and some gun sprays through the smoke to stop the entire enemy team from defusing the Spike. 

His team managed to get the spike down on A site as they lead the match 12-9, but the Brimstone player was the only one left to secure the win on Round 22.

The clip shows that Brimstone was hit by KAY/O's suppression knife while facing a one-vs.-five predicament. However, the Brimstone player was able to kill KAY/O, shutting down the killer robot's utility. Then he unleashed his Orbital AStrike ultimate onto the defuse attempt, eliminating the enemy Breach. Then he had to jump through the enemy's Brimstone's Molotov so he can carefully place his own, denying the defuse and burning away Killjoy while he sprayed through the smoke to kill his clone. 

Sage resurrected the enemy Breach, but the Molotov burned him again to death. Sage missed her sprays, giving Brimstone the opening he needs to eliminate the sixth enemy of the round. The Brimstone player aced with one Orbital Strike, three Vandal kills, and two Molotov kills, ensuring a 13-9 win for his team. 

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Brimstone may not be as heavily-played as other controllers like Omen and Astra in compettiive tournaments, but he's a superior choice when it comes to post-plant situations and his ability kit can produce a much higher damage output. 

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