All The Abilities of VALORANT New Robotic Agent KAY/O Revealed

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Content Creator
June 17, 2021  04:59 PM

VALORANT Episode 3: Reflection is coming soon, and Riot Games is releasing a new agent with it, a robotic Initiator called KAY/O. Today, the devs officially revealed KAY/O with a new trailer, giving us our first look at what the killer robot can do in the game. 

As many players speculated, KAY/O will be the fourth Initiator type agent, joining Breach, Sova, and Skye.

Riot previously teased that the sixteenth VALORANT agent will force players to rely on gunplay, and now we know how KAY/O's suppression ability can do that. His ZERO/Point ability lets you throw a suppression blade that disables your enemies within radius from using their abilities. This ability was previously teased last week

Two of his abilities are traditional FPS utilities: basically a flashbang and a grenade that sticks on the ground. 



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KAY/O's ultimate gives him Combat Stim while he suppresses enemies for a short time. If he dies during this state, his teammates can revive him. Yep, that's right, even Jett can revive him, so let's bring on those memes! 


KAY-O's Abilities

E – ZERO/point

KAY/O equips a suppression blade that, when thrown, sticks to the first surface it hits. The knife then winds up and suppresses anyone caught in the explosion radius, rendering their abilities useless.

Q – FLASH/drive

KAY/O equips a flash grenade that explodes after its thrown, blinding enemies in its line of sight. Right-clicking the grenade causes it to only cook for one second before exploding. Left-clicking cooks the flash for 1.6 seconds longer.

C – FRAG/ment

KAY/O equips an explosive fragment that sticks to the floor when thrown. The fragment explodes multiple times and deals near lethal damage at the center with each explosion.

Ultimate – NULL/cmd

KAY/O instantly overloads with polarized radianite energy, empowering him and causing large energy pulses to emit from his location. Enemies hit with the pulses are suppressed for a short duration.

Riot has designed an agent for longtime FPS players who want more traditional utilities like flashbangs and grenade, but the killer robot's ability to suppress other abilities and allow his teammates to revive him after he unleashes his ultimate make him unique in VALORANT

KAY/O joins VALORANT with Episode Three, Act One on June 22. A new battle pass will arrive to commemorate the game's first birthday, as well as some balance changes. 

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