Riot Reveals Which 4 VALORANT Weapon Skins Are Returning For The Give Back Bundle

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Content Creator
June 16, 2021  02:19 PM

VALORANT fans have voted, and the winners have been announced! 

Riot has revealed the four weapon skins that will be included in the Give Back Bundle after letting players decide which cosmetics will return. According to the announcement, the Reaver Vandal, Ion Operator, VALORANT GO Vol. 1 Spectre, and the Reaver Sheriff will be avaialble in one bundle between June 22 and July 8, and 50% of the proceeds will go toward Riot's Social Impact Fund. 

Most of the skins won by a lot: the Reaver Sheriff got almost 60 percent of the votes, which was followed by the Magepunk Ghost with 24.1 percent.  The Reaver Vandal got 35.2 percent, beating Prime 2.0 Phantom's 21.5 percent. The VALORANT GO! Spectre's 47.2 percent beat the Sovereign Stinger's 26.5 percent. However, the operator matchup was incredibly close where the Ion Operator beat the Reaver Operator by just 0.1 percent. 

Riot will give 50 percent of proceeds from the Give Back Bundle weapon skins and 100 percent of proceeds from accessories to charity, but the company hasn't announced which accessories will return yet.  


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I already have the Reaver Vandal and Ion Operator, so I'm probably going to get the other two weapon skins in the Give Back Bundle. Since Killjoy is one of the my four main VALORANT agents, it would be nice for me to get the VALORANT GO! Vol. 1 Spectre. You can watch me stream VALORANT on my Facebook page

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