Riot Reveals New Bird-Wielding Valorant Agent Releasing With Act III

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
October 07, 2020  12:18 PM

Valorant Act III is scheduled to release next week, and the update will add a new map to the game called Icebox, but players will have to wait two weeks after the new Act hits live servers before they can use the new bird-wielding agent Riot just teased today. 

“Simply put, our last few patches haven’t been the most stable, and we know more of you want Icebox,” Riot stated. “Delaying the release of a new Agent allows us to better handle any issues that might emerge when launching alongside Patch 1.10.”

Riot revealed what the new Valorant Agent looks like, showing an image of her alongside several new weapon skins and cosmetics coming in Act III. It looks like the new Agent is a hunter who will use abilities with animals. 

Here are the leaked details of the new Agent: 


1. AOE heal, can't self heal

2. Wolf drone that can be controlled and shot down

3. Sends out a Birb (bird) ability (like Sova recon bolt)

4. Releases 3 wolves that chase enemies

"No worries, I'll forge us a path"

It sounds like her Ultimate ability is similar to what we've seen in Spike Rush. It will probably look slightly different than that, and I expect it to be stronger, but we'll have to wait and see until October 27. 

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Valorant Act III will be available on October 13. Watch me stream Valorant on my Facebook page

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