Ninja Reports The Entire Valorant Enemy Team on Suspicions of Cheating

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
September 16, 2020  02:10 PM

During his first Valorant game of the day, NInja felt that the all five members of the enemy team he encountered were all cheating, so he reported all of them in the game after dying several times in suspicious ways. 

In his live stream, his enemy team managed to kill Ninja by pre-firing at him, and there were moments that felt the enemy team knows exactly where he was at Ascent. Ninja initially thought that one of the enemies was cheating. He said, "That Reyna's cheating. There's no doubt in my mind...there's no doubt in my mind she's cheating."

Ninja also suspected other members of the enemy team when he asked them to report the Reyna player for cheating. As the game progressed, Ninja was convinced that the entire enemy team was cheating. 

"Bro that is the sussest sh*t I've ever seen!" he exclaimed, after the enemy Cypher eliminated him from the round. "No shot, no shot... I think they might all be [cheating]. That Cypher just f**king swings, jiggles and hits me immediately. He headshots you through me, both of us simultaneously, with the pre-fire too by the way."

Ninja also took to Twitter to rant about his bad experience in Valorant

“I just played some of the most SUS/Blatant cheaters in Valorant in a long time and I straight dissected who the cheaters were, and the guy getting boosted like I was in Among us, had to be there... Have a good night.”

Ninja only played that one game of Valorant, and ended his stream after reporting the entire enemy team. 

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