New Magic: The Gathering Art Book is Coming This Year; Cover & Details Revealed

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
March 03, 2020  10:48 AM

Note that this is not like the Plane based MTG art books. Legends is from the same publisher as the Rise of the Gatewatch art book that was less well-received. Magic: The Gathering: Rise of the Gatewatch. Just like the 2019 Magic art bookWizards of the Coast's consultant/ Vorthos (lore) writer Jay Annelli is also credited as an author for Magic: The Gathering - Legends: A Visual History.

Here's the official description of Magic: The Gathering - Legends: A Visual History from

The world of Magic: The Gathering is home to many fantastical characters and creatures, but perhaps none so intriguing as its legendary creature cards, which include dragons, demons, angels, goblins, vampires, merfolk, wizards, and more. These legendary cards harken back to Magic’s early history, having been introduced in one of the first sets of Magic cards (1994’s Legends) and in yearly expansions all the way through spring 2020’s most recent set.

Magic: The Gathering: Legends showcases high-quality reproductions of the most iconic card art from across the game's history—in many instances for the first time outside of the card frame—along with accompanying creature and character histories written by Jay Annelli. This collection also offers exclusive insight into the art and mythology behind some of Magic: The Gathering's most powerful, popular, and enduring legends and legendary creatures.


Magic: The Gathering: Legends: A Visual History will be available on hardcover for $19.99 and the Kindle version is $9.99. 

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