New Magic: The Gathering Arena Code Unlocks 3 Full-Art Zendikar Rising Cards

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
October 06, 2020  04:22 PM


Zendikar Rising Quick Draft is now available on Magic: The Gathering Arena, but many players have noticed that the event is not part of their full-art basic land promotion alongside other Zendikar Rising limited events. "While this was always our intended design and the promotion is not advertised in-game on the Zendikar Rising Quick Draft event page, we could have done a better job communicating this disparity in our game related updates (namely the September State of the Game and 1.12.00 patch notes)," the announcement in the official MTG Arena forums said. Since this caused confusion and frustration for players, Wizards of the Coast is giving out a code to recitify the situation. 

All players can now use the code "ZendikarLands" to redeem up to three full-art basic lands from Zendikar Rising (limit 1 per account). You don't need to purchase any packs or events to redeem. 

They went on to say that they will be updating both the patch notes and September State of the Game shortly to further clarify which events will reward the full-art lands.

You can check out the full list of free MTG Arena codes here

Although the event promotion is only available until October 15, the code is redeemable until the release of Kaldheim on MTG Arena, which is expected to be in January 2021. 

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