Neil Gaiman's The Sandman Box Set Revealed Ahead of the Netflix Series

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
March 09, 2020  12:27 PM

While fans wait for Netflix's The Sandman series, you can catch up on the source material, and there's a new box set that collects all The Sandman comics in ten paperback volumes with a fantastic slipcase featuring illustrations by Dave McKean. Along with the main stories of Gaiman's dark fantasy series, the set will include The Dream Hunters novella, the Endless Nights sequel, and the prequel Overture

You can check out the breakdown of the main The Sandman stories here: 

> Preludes and Nocturnes: Collecting The Sandman #1–8

> The Doll's House: Collecting The Sandman #9–16

> Dream Country: Collecting The Sandman #17–20

> Season of Mists: Collecting The Sandman #21–28

> A Game of You: Collecting The Sandman #32–37

> Fables and Reflections: Collecting The Sandman #29–31, 38–40, 50; Sandman Special #1; and Vertigo Preview No. 1

> Brief Lives: Collecting The Sandman #41–49

>. Worlds' End: Collecting The Sandman #51–56

> The Kindly Ones: Collecting The Sandman #57–69 and Vertigo Jam No. 1

> The Wake: Collecting The Sandman #70–75

Just in case you're not familiar with Gaiman's iconic series, you can read a description of The Sandman series below: 

"The Sandman universe is a master-creation following Dream, also known as Morpheus, lord of the Dreaming -- a vast, hallucinatory landscape that houses all the dreams of any and everyone who has ever existed. Gods, demons, mortals, and everything in between. All dreamers visit the Dreaming and have an opportunity to teach Morpheus some surprising lessons.

After being captive for 70 years, Morpheus will have to go on a journey to reclaim his objects of power and bring order to the Dreaming."

The Sandman box set will be released on September 29, and it's available for pre-order on Amazon for $250. 

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