Mark Rosewater Talks About Magic: The Gathering in The Time of Pandemic

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
April 28, 2020  04:40 PM

Although WotC is currently leaning on digital MTG with Magic: The Gathering Arena and Magic Online during the pandemic to keep the game alive, Rosewater believes that tabletop Magic is still the core of MTG, and that it's not going away. The lead designer also talked about how WotC is supporting local game stores in their Wizards Play Network (WPN) during the pandemic by giving them Mystery Boosters for free to help them generate money, and helping them run events online. 

"We want everybody to play Magic in the way they want to play Magic," Rosewater said, reassuring that MagicFests, Friday Night Magic, and other tabletop events will eventually return. 

Rosewater also revealed that he's been designing much more Magic cards during the pandemic because he has less distractions, and that he also talks about how he's been working with the Magic design team remotely. You can sense Rosewater's undying passion for the game here, but you can really sense how personally important this game is to him  in the last five minutes of the video. Definitely worth watching if you love Magic


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