Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair x The Walking Dead Fully Revealed; Now Available For Preorder

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
October 05, 2020  11:22 AM

Wizards of the Coast has fully revealed all the Magic: The Gathering promo cards from the controversial crossover product called Secret Lair x The Walking Dead. It features five new legends featuring characters from AMC's popular zombie TV series: Daryl, Glenn, Michonne, Negan, and Rick. 

These brand new cards are not reprints or alternate-art versions of cards that were previously released, they're only legal in eternal Constructed formats like Commander. It also comes with five unique Zombie tokens that each feature an important one in the show, and one Treasure token. 

Here are the contents of each copy of Secret Lair x The Walking Dead

1x Foil Full-Art Daryl, Hunter of Walkers

1x Foil Full-Art Glenn, the Voice of Calm

1x Foil Full-Art Michonne, Ruthless Survivor

1x Foil Full-Art Negan, the Cold-Blooded

1x Foil Full-Art Rick, Steadfast Leader

5x Different Foil Walker Tokens

1x Foil Treasure Token


MTGO Redemption: 

One (1) single-use code for one (1) copy of each of the cards “Secret Lair x The Walking Dead


Secret Lair x The Walking Dead will be available for preorder on October 4-12 on for $49.99/£49.99/€54.99. The estimated shipping date is January 4 to February 15. 

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