Magic: The Gathering Pro Steve Rubin Says He's Likely Retiring From Pro MTG After Mythic Championship Richmond

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
August 02, 2019  12:22 PM

"I'm likely retiring from Pro Magic after MC Richmond," Rubin wrote. "I only regret never pushing myself amply to become a world class player." 

Rubin didn't provide a reason to why he's planning to retire but it seems like this is sadly becoming more and more common among Magic professional players. Recently, another American Magic pro Sam Black recently took it to Twitter to share his thoughts about MTG esports. "I feel like there's no place for me in Pro Magic moving forward," Black wrote. "The future is streaming, streaming involves being alone, and that's not the experience I'm looking for. In fact, it's the exact experience I use Magic to avoid."

Magic Head Designer Mark Rosewater recently said that Magic's the best it has ever been and more popular than it has even been thanks to the success of Magic: The Gathering Arena and its esports events, but somehow the competitive side of Magic is starved for any sort of attention, especially the pros who are not in the Magic Pro League, the 32 players around the world who are offered contracts by Wizards of the Coast, and are automatically qualified for the current year's Mythic Championships. 



Rubin won Pro Tour Shadows Over Innistrad back in April 2016. He currently has a total of 14 Grand Prix Top 8s. 

Good luck, Steve Rubin! I'm sure many consider you to be a world-class player. 

The Magic: The Gathering Mythic Championship VI will take place at the Greater Richmond Convention Center at Richmond, Virginia on November 8 to 10. The formats for the tournament are Standard Constructed and Throne of Eldraine Booster Draft. 

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