Magic: The Gathering Double Masters are Now Up on Amazon With Prices

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
May 22, 2020  02:26 PM

On Thursday, Wizards of the Coast announced the upcoming Magic: The Gathering product called Double Masters, which will feature 332 reprinted cards, and each booster pack will contain two rares and two foils. Though Wizards hasn't revealed most of the cards yet, Amazon has already listed the Double Masters products with prices already, and they're now available for pre-order. 

Here's a screenshot of the listings for the Double Masters booster pack, 3-Booster Draft Pack, and booster box with their prices. With two rares and two foil cards in each pack, it's not surprising to see the price of each pack to be $16.30. It looks like the 3-Draft Pack Booster is a better deal though with the price of $35.00. The booster box costs $299.99, and each box will come with two borderless non-foil alternate-art boxtoppers. 

Double Masters booster pack: 

Double Masters 3-Booster Draft Pack

Double Masters booster box

Double Masters will be released on August 7, 2020; it will also be available on Magic Online for $6.99 per pack. 

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