Magic: Legends Will Be Free But Players Can Buy Booster Packs & Battle Passes

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
June 30, 2020  12:38 PM

On Monday, Executive Producer Stephen Ricossa talked about the "high-level monetization" details in Magic: Legends, and how it will be similar, and different compared to other video games, and the card game which it's based. 

In a new blog post, Ricossa said that no content will be locked behind a paywall: "Our goal is for the entire game to be playable and fun from beginning through endgame and beyond without having to spend a dime."

Just like Cryptic's other titles, players will have the ability to exchange a special currency, Aether, with other players. Players can also purchase digital booster packs that will offer new spells to expand your library, as well as unique spells, Artifacts, and classes. Ricossa explained that these new content are not more powerful than the free classes or items in the game, "but are different horizontally," offering more unique gameplay experiences. 

The game will also offer a battlepass, with both free and paid tiers. Players can also purchase convenience items such as deck slots, loadout slots, XP boosts, and more, and it there will be limited-time events that will offer more rewards. 

Ricossa also said that players will also be purchased themed Planeswalker classes that offer more options, but not more power. These unique classes will offer their own cosmetic options, progression trees, Spark Powers, and Traits. 

The monetization system sounds just like other free-to-play games, so this isn't that surprising. Now I'm curious to know what the horizontal differences are. 

Magic: Legends will be available for the PC. It's currently in Closed Alpha right now. 

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