Magic: Legends MMORPG Reveals More Details About Combat, Spells & Teaming-Up

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December 15, 2019  11:12 AM

At the Game Awards last Thursday, Wizards of the Coast, Cryptic Studios, and Perfect World premiered the first cinematic trailer for the upcoming Magic: The Gathering MMORPG called Magic: Legends. Although no gameplay footage has been revealed yet, the official Discord channel for the game has revealed additional details for the game.

The description of the game confirms that players will take the role of a Planeswalker, and some information about combat, spells, and teaming-up. 

"Become a powerful, spell-wielding Planeswalker in Magic: Legends, an all-new MMO Action RPG set across the iconic planes of Magic: The Gathering. An ancient force moves in the darkness and it's up to you to walk the planes and gather the power needed to fight. Choose your path through the planes, collect spells to create powerful spell hands, and control the chaos of battle as you fight to save the multiverse from the greatest threat yet." 

You can read all the details from the Magic: Legends official Discord below: 

It looks like combat system tries to bring some gameplay elements of the trading card game but it's unique in a way that it lets you "strategically choose the spells in your hand because they'll be drawn at random as you fight." 

The details also confirm that players can collect spell fragments, and that they can traverse with up to two other Planeswalkers in the game. 

The development team at Cryptic Studios (the developers of Neverwinter) have been working on the game behind-the-scenes since 2017. The team currently developing the MMORPG is helmed by executive producer, Stephen Ricossa, former executive producer behind the popular MMORPG, Star Trek Online

Beta testing for Magic: Legends begins sometime in 2020, but you can sign up now with your Arc Games account. Additional gameplay details for Magic: Legends will be revealed in January 2020. 

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