Game of Thrones' Hot Pie Opened A New Bakery Called 'You Know Nothing Jon Dough'

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
July 26, 2017  01:08 PM

Photo: Deliveroo

Hot Pie recently appeared in a Season 7 episode of Game of Thrones, and has now opened a bakery in real life called 'You Know Nothing John Dough' (cuz Jon Snow). 

Ben Hawkey, the actor who portrays Hot PIe in the HBO series, has opened exclusively through Deliveroo on the same weekend as the Season 7 premiere. And what is he selling? Direwolf bread, of course!

Photo: Deliveroo

The Direwolf bread is a reference to the Direwolf-shaped loaf of bread he baked for Arya before they parted ways. Although the first one he gave to Arya wasn't entirely presentable, Hot Pie improved it, giving a much better quality to Brienne later in the series. 

Photo: Deliveroo

The real-world 'John Dough' loves are improvement to the show's recipe as it's made from whole wheat cornbread with orange zest and best served warm with soft butter. 

Photo: Deliveroo

“Hot Pie’s Direwolf loaves are a favorite for Game of Thrones fans, and people are always asking me for the secret of my recipe," Hawkey said. "I can’t share that, but Deliveroo customers will have the chance to try them themselves. You don’t even need to take a dangerous walk down the King’s Road to visit, it comes to you.”

The Direwolf loaves cost £1 on Deliveroo. 


Game of Thrones airs on HBO on Sundays, 9 p.m. EST. 

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