Ewan McGregor on His Role in The Latest Star Wars Film

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
January 30, 2016  08:02 AM

Photo: Lucasfilm

As many of you Star Wars fans probably know by now, Star Wars: The Force Awakens had some surprise voice cameos by Ewan McGregor and Sir Alec Guinness. When Rey experience a Force-vision, we hear the line "Rey? These are your first steps", comes from Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the line was voiced by both actors who played the role on the big screen. 

McGregor showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday night, and he talked about being called in to reprise the role he played in the Star Wars prequels. 

"I recorded a line for it. It was very late in the day, I'd been waiting for the call to come for two years!" McGregor said, laughing. "Maybe they'd lost my agent's phone number! But I got a call just shortly before it was released from JJ [Abrams] saying, 'I'd love you to be in it. There's a sequence where we can use a voice, we hear Obi-Wan Kenobi's voice coming from the distant reaches of the forest.'"

McGregor even makes a nice Sir Alec Guiness impression, which he does around the 1:57 mark. "The line is, 'Rey, these are your first steps.' But they got Alec Guinness to do 'Rey,' which is extraordinary because he's not alive anymore!" he explained. "They got a line of him as Obi-Wan Kenobi saying 'Afraid' and cut it so he says 'Rey,' then I say 'these are your first steps.'"

There have been rumors that claim that the third Star Wars standalone film will focus on Obi-wan's Kenobi's past. It would be nice to see McGregor reprise his role on that if it ever happens. One rumor even said that the "Obi-wan trilogy" will include Darth Maul. You can read about that here. 

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