Dragon Ball Super's Universal Tournament Story Arc Announced

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
December 17, 2016  03:37 PM

While America's Toonami is just about to debut Dragon Ball Super, the Japanese are set to start a new story arc for the series. According to ANN, the Japanese arc will focus on a "universal tournament" which is most likely a competition that will pit fighters from different universes against each other in a tournament with grave consequences. It looks like Gohan will be back in action as well as other Z-fighters we haven't seen fight in the recent arcs. Check out the full poster below:

As this poster suggests, the androids will also be back in action. Fighting tournaments have always been a part of Dragon Ball stories, and although we've seen a recent tournament in Dragon Ball Super, the new arc will feature a much bigger one. 

Are you excited about the next Dragon Ball Super story arc?

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