What Happened To The $1 Million Greenlight Fund For Magic: The Gathering Content Creators?

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January 05, 2021  04:36 PM


"Over the years, Wizards has supported Magic series like Game Knights, Friday Nights, and What the Deck," Wizards announced last January. "The Greenlight Fund lets us invest in the next big wave of community content. We're looking for Magic content creators who want to push their communities to new heights and realize their full potential. To be considered, applicants must submit a detailed pitch through a Challenge that will go live within the Magic Creator Program in the near future. (This means you'll have to be in the Creator Program to pitch your ideas to the Greenlight Fund.) Pitches should include goals, a business plan, promotion plan, and budget breakdown."

"The Greenlight Fund represents a phenomenal opportunity for our highest-quality producers and ultimate networkers to bring brand-new shows to life. We have set aside $1 million to seed new Magic series in 2020," Wizards said. 

The submissions opened last June and closed in September, but as far as we know, no content creator received money from the Greenlight Fund 2020, so where did the $1 million meant to seed MTG content creators go? Wizards said that everything from smaller $5,000 ideas to massive $250,000 efforts will be evaluated and potentially funded via the Greenlight Fund, but we haven't heard anything about it since June 2020. 

There's a chance that it could be under an non-disclosure agreement (NDA) but there were people responding that they didn't even get a reply about the Greenlight Fund at all. 

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