VALORANT Map 6: Name, Release Date, Leaked Details, and Everything You Need to Know

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Content Creator
April 15, 2021  04:24 PM

Pack your sunscreen and swimsuits! VALORANT is taking us to the beach! 


The sixth VALORANT map is coming, and early details have teased that it will be set in the Carribean or tropical-themed, which is fitting since summer is just around the corner. 

When the VALORANT Open Beta officially launched last year, only three maps were made available: Bind, Haven, and Split. Since then, Riot Games made significant updates to these maps, and two new locations have been added to the mix. 

Ascent and Icebox were added in later updates, bringing the total to five maps. However, Riot is planning to release more maps, and it looks like the next map is coming sooner than expected. Early leaks and teases have revealed the first details of the sixth VALORANT map. Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming map. 


What's the name of the 6th VALORANT map? 


On March 31, dataminer ValorLeaks have shared early details that suggest that the next map will be called 'Foxtrot' while assuring that it's not an April Fools prank. However, Foxtrot could be just a codename: it's the sixth letter in the NATO phonetic alphabet. 

However, the recent return of the VALORANT Night Market, which offers weapon skins at discounted prices, revealed a new visual that features a different potential name: 'Breeze'. 

Cynprel pointed out that Yoru’s Night Market release saw a graphic with the word ‘Split’ crossed out, which is similar to how "Breeze" was crossed out. 


New VALORANT Map Location and Soundtrack Leaked


The Night Market teaser also revealed the word "CARIB", which is a contraction of the word "Caribbean", the region of the Americas that comprises the Caribbean Sea. Leaked coordinates on the Night Market teaser also points out to the Bermuda Triangle, which is the mysterious location where ships and planes vanish without a trace. 

There's also a leaked VALORANT audio. Each map has its own unique theme upon loading in and based on the leaked loading screen music, it looks like the sixth map will have a tropical-style theme. 

In addition to these leaks, the VALORANT official Turkish Instagram account described the Night Market as "the goods of the sinking ship", which reminds us of the Bermuda Triangle. 

Based on these details, it looks like the sixth VALORANT map will be called Breeze, and Foxtrot is just a codename. 


Teaser Images for VALORANT map #6?


On April 13, players found teaser images that may provide clues to the tropical-themed map. They feature shots of a sandy beach with palm trees. They could also hint at the names of the upcoming map. 

Players can find huge posters on Split's A Main and Bind's B Long. In Icebox's kitchen, you can also find a flyer and magazine. There's also a magazine in Haven's Sewers. 

Riot launched Icebox five months ago on October 13 as part of Episode 1 Act 3, so the new map might be out by Episode 2 Act 3 if history repeats itself. 

Other Details That Point Out That VALORANT #6 is tropical style-themed. 

Another piece of leaked intel is part of Riot's April Fools gag this year. Agents of Romance is the phony dating-sim featuring VALORANT agents, and one of the images shows Cypher with a sunny beach in the background. 

Riot is also known for adding Easter eggs into the battle pass that hint at upcoming content, and Tier 48 in this act's pass is a "Lost at Sea?" player card that features a massive cargo ship sailing off in the night. Players can also acquire the free Old Salt gun buddy, which is a pirate hate, and another gun buddy that that features a tropical fruit. 

Riot hasn't officially announced anything about the new map yet, but these leaked details clearly point out that the next map will likely be tropical themed. 


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The next Act will launch on April 21, so the sixth VALORANT map may be just around the corner. 

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