Space Sweepers 2 Release Date, Cast, Story Details, Trailer and Everything You Need to Know

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February 15, 2021  04:05 PM

Warning: Spoilers for Netflix's Space Sweepers ahead 

Released on Netflix in February 2021, Space Sweepers is a South Korean sci-fi film about the crew of the Victory spaceship who collect and sell space junk in 2092. The cast includes Song Joong-ki as Tae-ho, Kim Tae-ri as Captain Jang, Jin Seon-kyu as Tiger Park (Jin Seon-kyu), and Yoo Hae-jin, who voices the robot named Bubs. They are on a mission to protect an android named Dorothy (Park Ye-rin) from the dangerous plans of James Sullivan (played by The Hobbit star Richard Armitage). Specifically, Sullivan wants to obliterate planet Earth. When the crew of Victory discover Dorothy, they contact the terrorist group Black Fox so they could sell the little "fart machine".

Much of the film's story involves Tae-ho's backstory: he needs money to help find his missing adopted daughter, and that's why he wants to sell Dorothy to the Black Foxes. However, his motivations change upon learning about Sullivan's evil plans.

Space Sweepers received a lot of positive reviews, and now fans are craving for a sequel, so if you want Netflix to produce more Space Sweepers movies, here's everything you need to know about Space Sweepers 2


Did Netflix already confirm a Space Sweepers sequel?

The production studios and Netflix executives haven't announced a sequel to Space Sweepers yet, but since the film was just released in February 2021, they will most likely track streaming data for several months before deciding to green-light a sequel. Space Sweepers doesn't end with a sequel tease, and there are no cliffhangers, but it does set up a new mission for our favorite team of misfits. If the streaming results turn out well, it's likely that Space Sweepers 2 will be greenlit later this year. 


When will Space Sweepers 2 be released (If confirmed)? 

If Netflix green-lights a sequel in 2021, Space Sweepers 2 could theoretically be released in 2023 on Netflix. The first Space Sweepers movie was filmed over five months in 2019, so a similar production schedule could start later in the year for Space Sweepers 2. While Netflix is known for fast-tracking sequels for popular films and TV shows, the release date may also depend on how production schedules work out around the COVID-19 protocols. Hopefully, the streaming giant would also give the sequel a theatrical release before premiering it on their streaming platform. 


What are the story details for Space Sweepers 2

Space Sweepers ends with the team of protagonists saving planet Earth. It was revealed that they asked for their French friend Pierre to transport Dorothy to a safe location, while they defeat the villain, Sullivan. The space sweepers are threatened by a blast, but Dorothy uses her powers to save them. It was also revealed that Bub wants to become a "sophisticated lady", and the droid gets the skin she wants. In the final sequence, the titular protagonists plan on a new mission. Space Sweepers 2 will most likely feature more of the same, with the Victory crew embarking a new mission. Space Sweepers doesn't reveal any new threats, but it would be exciting to see a sequel that expands the universe of this brilliant sci-fi film. 


Space Sweepers 2 cast: Who's returning in the sequel? Any new actors joining?  

The main cast of Space Sweepers will presumably return for a sequel, but Armitage, who plays the villainous Sullivan will most likely not return because his character died at the end, but who knows? Maybe Sullivan has a clone. Since the original film mostly revolved around the protagonists, the sequel will most likely introduce a new villain, but it would also be interesting to see a new misfit join the team as well. 


Space Sweepers 2 trailer: When will it be released?  

Since a sequel for Space Sweepers hasn't been confirmed yet, no teaser trailers have been released yet. Even if Netflix green-lights a sequel this year, the trailer probably won't arrive until late 2022 or sometime in 2021. 

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