Shroud Explains Why Counter-Strike Pros like S1mple Should Switch to Valorant

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By Jake Vyper . | More Articles MTG Content Creator
March 26, 2021  04:29 PM

Twitch star Shroud (real name: Michael Grzesiek) explains why top-class Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pros like s1mple should switch to Valorant, the popular tactical shooter from Riot Games. 

When Valorant was released last June, professional players from various esports like Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Fortnite, Overwatch, and CS:GO decided to switch to Valorant. Recently, one CS:GO player toyed with the idea of switching. Okeksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev said that Valorant was too easy for himbut others have suggested that he should make the switch, and that includes former CS:GO pro Shroud, who believes that top-class CS:GO players could potentially make more money than their career earnings in a year or so of playing Riot's tactical FPS. 

“I think if he does (s1mple jumping on Valorant) he’s going to make a f**k tonne of money,” Shroud said during his recent stream. “Valorant is on the climb for these pro players to make more money than they ever made in their whole career in CS, isn’t that crazy?

“Like, yeah, they’ve made $1 million, $2 million, hundreds of thousands of dollars or whatever, but the reason why people are eyeing it is because it is, quite literally, going to make these people who earned $1 million, $2 million in the five years they played, it could make them that in a year. Like, you could see Valorant pro players, in the next year or two, making a million or two in a year, that’s just a fact. You could see that, it could happen.

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Shroud also said that he's always wanted to see a game similar to CS:GO tke its full potential for players, and Valorant is doing that. “It’s going to be f**king nuts,” he said.

S1mple probably won't make the switch anytime soon since he's currently on top of the CS:GO esports, unless money is motivation, but other pros are happy with their decision to switch. Ethan Arnold of 100 Thieves explained why he decided to switch to Valorant

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